Sunday, June 08, 2008

4th Camp

Last week I went for the 4th Ipho camp as one of the top 5. Today I'll be going to Malacca and going to Pulau Perhentian until friday morning. Then I'll be having a family reunion/photo shoot that weekend.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Birthday!

Sorry for the lack of updates these few days. Yesterday was my birthday. And I am still busy replying thanks to all those who had wished me. Thank you.
This brings back memories, just last year on my birthday, I took SAT2, in the middle of the same top 5 camp. And in 2004 I celebrated in a Jamboree camp in Malacca.

I dearly miss the days of one year ago where Cavan and Kent Loong are with me. The other 4 now are too quiet and a bit cold. I had quite a pressure on myself to make things livelier. Perhaps I should just concentrate on doing my job of studying and go through some hardship with them. Perhaps I should abandon the arrogant attitude of know-it-all-just-because-I-went-there-before. Kent Loong, your wisdom is beyond my grasp. Save me!!!

On another note, preparation for NUS is quite tedious and troublesome. So I'm going NUS, who's with me? Talking about that, I meet the guys who are going for the International Chemistry Olympiad in NUS Welcome Tea. Gavin was one of them. They are going for a month of intensive training before going for the Competition. Well, hopefully Malaysia will get some golds from these 2 Olympiads this year.