Monday, December 26, 2011

NUS Module Review: SSA2218 / TS2238 – Singapore Film: Performance Of Identity

Workload: 2 hour lecture, 2 hour movie, 2 hour fortnightly tutorial.

Module Content:
Some movies entertain, some shock you into thinking differently about Singapore, some are just plain disgusting, some are really funny! Enjoy the spectrum of these movies which you might not have seen otherwise! The group work is by teams of 5, chosen based on tutorial groupings and which show you want to present on. If you're not taking it with a group of friends, who has the same tutorial timings, then be prepared to make new friends along the way. Sometimes, you get really good teammates. I had a teammate who is experienced in short film making, so the film part was easy.

Teaching Staff:
One of the most patient teachers I've seen and the only arts teacher I had outside of USP. Beautiful lady too!

Assessment Details:
The only hard thing is to score well in the module, with close to 200 people taking it, and the need to have lots of analytical mind involved in answering the papers, it is just not easy. But oh well, I enjoyed it cause I took this to S/U it.

Overall Experience & Feedback:
I like the module as in there is no need at all to read up after lectures, before lectures. Just pay attention during the lectures and enjoy the movies. Don’t worry about missing the movies too, cause most of them are available inside the NUS library. Most of them, so some of them are really hard to get, and you’ll have to fork out some time to see the movie on your own anyway, so better to stay back after lecture and enjoy the show.