Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After the camp I have 1 month worth of holidays!

So anybody staying near PJ, or studying in KBU, KDU, etc please tell me if you're free and invite me out for some fun.

Just yesterday I went to the local library and borrowed 3 books.
Issac Asimov : Robot Visions
Arthur C. Clarke : 2001 A Space Odyssey
Michael Crichton : Jurassic Park

Before that, I had brought a Issac Asimov book: Foundation and Empire too.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3rd IPhO Camp

On the 21st to 25th of April 2008, 10 Malaysians are called up to join the 3rd International Physics Olympiad Training Camp. This is also the camp where the final top 5 are chosen among the 10.

It is regretted that Ooi boon teik, a promising candidate has not turn up for the camp due to health reasons. Therefore a mara student is called up to replace him at the last minute. As expected there are no females among the top 10 even through females occupy 25% of the population in the 2nd camp. Other than 4 Mara Malay students, the remaining Chinese are 1 Kedah, 1 Chung Ling (Penang), 2 Klang High School, 1 Malacca high and 1 more ex-Malacca High.

All during the camp, an IQ test is given individually to 9 of the students, since 1 of them had taken it last year. The IQ test, EQ test and the test results of the 4 hours of Thursday Experimental & Friday Theoretical each will be used to consider who will make it to the top 5.

The atmosphere of the camp was one of utter silence. One of us is bored as heaven as he tries to establish a more lively atmosphere. The main reason of the silence maybe the result of the tension between the candidates to make it into the top 5. However there is in no way any hostility between any candidates. The one who had tried so hard to enliven the atmosphere had brought them to the public library and sneak in with them to read some of the books there.

As hero had been in UKM for 2 months now and had quite an experience on where to go to spend his time. He is also the unofficial leader of the 6 Chinese as he always lead them to anywhere until he's sick of it and prefer to go alone on Thursday night. He had noticed that he liked the post of leader much and preferred to lead whenever in travel-walking. However the responsibility of making sure the rest keep up is just not suited to his style. Our hero is grateful through that he has company at nights so that he will not get too lonely.

As a last word, to the top 5 who are chosen, make sure you guys study hard and get all 5 medals for Malaysia!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Death Note

The first time I heard this, I knew I don't like it. A note of paper, in which the person whose name you write on will die. This is the first order of degree of horror. The most horrible horror of horrors.
But if you think about it, everyone will die, someday, so it's isn't too horrible. Just to make sure, I who don't like to see horror movies, avoid it as much as possible, to save myself from this nonsensical fear.
So that's my first impression of Death Note. I am quite surprised that people actually like it. Ya they like first rated horror.

So only this January that I got into Death Note, surfing through the Astro for late night movies, I see 2 Death Note movies one after the other. The first is almost ending. So I thought, whateverlah, nothing else to see, I'll watch it, if it's too horrific, I'll switch the channel.
After seeing Yagami Light killing his girl friend and another girl, and the Shinigami is not at all horrible (just the looks), I see it's getting interesting, especially L.
The second movie had me hooked. Death Note is first class psychological thriller.

L and Light having the Duel of Wits. Kira killing only criminals (primary). Shinigamis that aren't interfering much. The pure Scientific thinking and analyzing. All of this plus the cute misa misa!

Death Note only has a minimal of supernatural things here. All the others are familiar science, deduction. It's definitely surpass Sherlock Holmes.
Now I am on the Death Note manga. Hopefully if you have the same first impression as me, you'll give this series a try and change your mind.

A fan!

Hi! I read your blog and thought that it is very interesting..
just curious..
ops. sorry. I didn't mean to shout but scoring 800 and 790 sounds freaky.
and by the way, when did you take your sat?
I am considering doing form 6 and foundation at mmu or uniten. Which one do u think is better?
Yours truly,
kai xin

I replied:
Ha ha nice to see that I have a fan, thanks for viewing my blog, and I wish to add you in facebook and friendster hope you accept. umm, If you hadn't taken SAT before, it's really easy to get perfect marks in the subject test. The level is just a bit above form 5 definitely below form 6. So if you take it at the middle of your upper 6 (like I did, 2nd June 2007, my birthday) chances are, you'll get 800 without any studying (as I did too). Be sure to take Maths Level 2 as it is easier to get 800 in it than level 1, the cut off mark is lower for 2.

I just went and hunt for my statement of my SAT results and surprisingly I found it way back in the archive. So once again I would like to thank you for your patience and make me feel that my blog is not just read by me lol.

If you want to try your luck like me and represent Malaysia in International Science Olympiads, go form 6, but other than this advice, I'll have to leave the choice to you. You'll decide your future. Personally I think form 6 rocks, and it's the best time of my secondary life. One more information you should know, STPM is recognized in Commonwealth counties. So you'll have a very wide choice of which Uni you're going to later. Ok hope to hear from you soon.

She replied:
Ya i added you as a friend already! ^_^
Thanks for your reply! I don't think it's long enough but it's very informative!! Really appreciate the time and effort you put into replying me!

To be honest, I don't think my spm result is great, but overall I guess it's still satisfactory.. we are the first batch to learn science and maths in english, so presumably they would lower the graph a little.. just look at the number of straight 1As scorer and straight As scorer and you will know.. so I was very down for a few weeks for the 2 B3s cause I can't get a scholarship for that.. but I am ok now.. :)

Just curious, you didn't take biology right? Is pengajian am hard? I don't really enjoy learning BM at all.. haiz..

So did you take both SAT 1 & 2 at one go? Anyway, you made it sounded like it's easy to get 800 for SAT..

After all, you scored A for further maths, so maths should be like kacang putih for you.. haha..

To participate in that olympiads competition I must get very very high marks for my sciences right?
I am also considering taking further maths but I doubt if I can find any teacher in muar.. and the school normally wouldn't approve student taking 5 subjects.

I have been doing some serious research on STPM. Is it rare for people to get a 4.0 for their stpm? Kokurikulum plays the 10% part as well isn't it...

Another question... why did you put the word "monk" behind of your name? haha..

that's all for this time.. in case you are busy.. ^_____^

what course do you intend to do?
which university do you intend to go?
Did you apply for harvard and stanford and the other ivy leagues?
If you did apply for stanford, did you request for financial aids?
Did you get a scholarship?

looking forward for your reply!

Yours truly,
kai xin

So I chatted with her just now and answered all of her questions there.
And since I didn't ask just now, kai xin, can I post this here?
And I think it's a nice opportunity for the guys and gals of Kai Xin's batch to obtain information about their future like this so that they can make an informative choice of their future paths. So cheers for Kai Xin for her resourcefulness.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A request by my cousin

This post is a request by my cousin, ting ting, who is now in Penang.
So ok I had applied for Princeton University, MIT, and Caltech. All of them had no need of specifying my choice of major but for any space requiring the most likely course I'll take I put in Physics, Pure Physics, Pure Research Physics, Pure Theoretical Research Physics.
Well I got rejected, from all of them. After all my hard work... applying to them is the hardest and most tiring application ever!

Oh well, putting my net larger to include NUS NTU and others, I also put in Physics as much as possible in the choices, sometimes I put in Mathematics or engineering, or even philosophy! Well, I have a wide range of interest. If you're wondering why the heaven does a person with IPhO and A in Further Maths is choosing for Physics instead of Engineering, I have a few reasons:
  1. Engineering sounds too cheap, too many people crowd into it, I wanna to be different.
  2. Engineering splits the pie too early, I would like to learn more about everything in Physics instead of concentrating only in one aspect and ignoring the others.
  3. Engineering doesn't seems to have deep theoretical physics, the kinds of like string theory and cosmology, which I would really like to dive in in my undergraduate years.
  4. I had decided to do a course that I like for my first degree rather than a course that will guarantee middle-high range salary.
  5. We found out the theory, they apply it, to me physicist is above engineers.
  6. I am more of the research type, but I can use my creativity to create tools too.
  7. As I mentioned, I planned to take more than 1 degree, so maybe I'll learn engineering later (If I want to). And Physicist can always learn and be a substitute for engineers but the other way round is much much harder (at least I think so).
Ok so that's also the main reason I put in UM physics USM physics then UKM physics as my top 3 choices in Local Uni.
And one more thing, ting ting, if you're reading this, please don't be influenced too much by me, I don't want to have one future engineer to choose physics (Although I have no idea what you're interest in becoming in the future). Ok so that's it for now, I better do my homework now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We are all Perfect in our own ways, my friends this is dedicated to you all.

Ooi Boon Teik
The only Malaysian who MIT admits this year as undergraduate, may go to International Physics Olympiad this year, Got 99 out of 100 in the National Physics Olympiad 2007, 4 flat in STPM, PTS Jumper.

Tan Ming Wang
ASEAN scholar, when to Singapore for A levels, SPM straight As, number 1 in Form 5, got into Imperial College London, PTS Jumper.

Teo Wee Shen
14A1 in SPM, the best in Malacca 2005, Went for the International Mathematics Olympiad in 2005, currently studying Actuarial Science in London School of Economics.

Tan Zu Ming
Number 1 in my class Upper and Lower 6 Alpha, 4 flat in STPM, State Champion for Robotics Competition, one of the top 15 in last year's International Physics Olympiad Malaysia's training camp, PTS jumper.

Gilbert Chia
4 flat in STPM, one of the 6 in Malacca brave enough to take up Further Maths, President of Maths and Science in High School, currently working.

Goh Jin Ming
Straight As in SPM, Petronas Scholarships holder, Taekwondo black belt, King Scout, friendly big guy.

Chan Tsu Chong
Monitor of our Class in Form 5, number 1 once in Form 3, straight A in SPM, another friendly bigger guy.

Tan Chen Long
4 flat in STPM, got A1 in Chinese in SPM, number 1 in Form 4, National Service guy, a very quiet and kind guy.

Calvin Tan
4 flat in STPM, straight As in SPM, King Scout, President of Form 6 Union, once number 1 in Upper 6, Friendly wacky guy, a great leader too.

Ai Yun
4 flat in STPM, drum master in form 5, pretty and slim gal.

Gan Yi En
Straight As in SPM, JPA Scholar, going to German, one of the best Scrabbler in Malaysia.

Ooi Er hern
PTS jumper, one of the 5H 2005, ACCA guy, a good Scrabbler.

Tan Kai Shen
4 flat in STPM, straight As in SPM, once number 1 in Upper 6, has a pretty girl friend, and had his face appeared on newspaper.

How Yip Feng
King Scout, 4 flat in STPM, PTS jumper, working.

4 flat in STPM, PTS jumper, an Indian but can listen to Chinese.

Alexander Chang
Once number 1 in Form 3, Straight As in SPM.

Loh Ting Hui
One of the best in Law in A-levels, gone to University Of Manchester to study Law, one of my best cousins.

Loh Jia Long
Top in his class in Taylors, rubiks cube soon-to-be champion, serious gamer, one of my best cousins.

William Goh
Experienced and serious gamer, good academic records, rubiks cuber too, one of my best cousins.

Michelle Goh
Straight As in SPM, soon-to-be JPA scholar, anime and manga addicted girl, one of my best cousins.

That's all I got time for, if you're not listed here, it only means I hadn't got time to write you down yet, so feel free to leave a comment about yourself.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Second Home

Having been an Olympiad last year, I was invited to go to the National University of Malaysia (UKM) to train for the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2008. The nights there are lonely, boring and oppressing as I was leaving home for the first time, living alone.

Along came a light in my darkness, the UKM Buddhist Fellowship (UKMBF) which holds activities every Tuesdays and Thursdays nights had welcomed me warmly into their fold. Celebrating birthdays over lunch, fetching us back to our hostels, and sharing pens and papers for the Dharma lessons really makes it easy for me to make dozens of new friends.

Naturally, I was elated to be invited to play the role of Prince Siddhartha in a dance during the Panggung Bodhi 2008 (Night of Bodhi), a major event organized by UKMBF. The downside is that I’ll be busy taking my results in Malacca and moving to Petaling Jaya on the week before the big night on Sunday. I only managed to come back to UKM after 5 hours of various public transportations on Thursday, in fear of missing too many rehearsals that they take back their offer, and started helping them on that very night. I learned that I had only got to walk 7 steps and then point to the heaven and earth while stepping on a pop-up lotus on the last step. And I am apparently the only one that had to change in to a half covered sari top with all the other dances wearing full covered costumes.

This did not deter me from making it to Saturday night’s full rehearsal after getting back from my new home. I learned to be more open minded as I realize University girls are not as shy as high school girls.

My first rehearsal went badly as I did a number of obvious mistakes. However, instead of stern scolding or any kind of criticism, they, UKMBF, help guided me in the details and encouraging me to do better in the next rehearsal as I was playing the most important character. You bet this application that I did perfectly on the second rehearsal!

Finally on the big day, I had my hair done and make up applied a few hours before my play. It’s a peculiar sensation to be part of the team and going on stage, but the applause that came after my last step was beyond words.

Panggung Bodhi was a great success and I rejoiced and celebrated with them, proud to be part of them, happy that they are happy, and most of all honoured to be entrusted with my role.

As the end of the semester looms near, a farewell ceremony is in order. And I took this opportunity to express my feelings of gratitude to everyone in UKMBF for bringing joy and happiness to me. They again showed their constant welcome and kindness, I was touched, UKMBF, you are really my second home.

Who am I? I am one of the UKMBF!