Monday, February 16, 2009


Instead of just looking back at the things I have done in 3 months interval, I should be setting some goals, aiming to be able to say I did those things that I wanna do. So here now I'm going to set 3 month goals due to be reviewed on 30th April 2009.
It seems that the way to survive 7 anf a half modules is to give all myself to homework. So there'll be an emptiness after I finish the semester. So the list below should be something that I will do to convince myself that my life is not wasted.
  • Write a short story and submit it for publishing.
  • Meditate 10 times.
  • Do Tai Chi 10 times.
  • Read and understand Physics.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maths Homework on LaTeX

Took me hours to finish the homework, mainly it's because it's number theory and I have not done proving for a long time. LaTeX is a really nice typing software too, I can just type the maths in, unlike Mirosoft Words.... Now it's all going to be easier for me doing my lab reports.


\title{SP2171: Mathematics tutorial 1}
\author{Ng Xin Zhao}

\begin {document}

By the Fundamental theorem of Arithmetic, every integer, $n>1$ can be written as a product of primes and is unique. It follows that $a=q_{1}q_{2}q_{3}...q_{N}$ , and $b=d_{1}d_{2}d_{3}...d_{M}$ where $q_{i}$ and $d_{j}$ are primes, and $1\leq i,j\leq N,M$ . And since $p\mid ab$, $p \mid (q_{1}q_{2}q_{3}...q_{N})(d_{1}d_{2}d_{3}...d_{M})$. By the theorem proven in Problem 3, it follows that $p=q_{i}$ or $p=d_{j}$ for some i and j. Thus since $a=q_1...q_i...q_{N}$ and $b=d_1...d_j...d_{M}$, $p \mid a$ or $p \mid b$.

The proof can be obtained by making extension based on problem 1. We denote $a=a_1, b=a_2$ and introduce $a_3, a_4,...,a_n$ into the term $p \mid ab$ so that it becomes $p \mid a_1a_2a_3a_4...a_n$. By the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, all the terms $a_1$ to $a_n$ can be written as products of prime numbers, that is $a_1=q_1q_2...q_F, a_2=w_1w_2...w_G$ and so on until $a_n=e_1e_2...e_H$ where $q_r$,$w_t$, and $e_y$ are primes and $1\leq r,t,y\leq F,G,H$. Therefore $p \mid (q_1q_2...q_F)(w_1w_2...w_G)...(e_1e_2...e_H)$. By the theorem proven in Problem 3, it follows that $p=q_{r}$ or $p=w_{t}$ and so on until $p=e_y$ for some r, y. Therefore there must be a number, $a_k=s_1s_2...s_J$, with $1\leq k\leq n, w_t$ is a prime and $1\leq t\leq J$ which contains $w_t=p$ and thus statisfies $p \mid a_k$.

We get $p \mid q_1q_2...q_n$ where $p,q_i$ are primes. Suppose there is a $q_i$ such that $q_i\neq p$ then $gcd(p,q_i)=1$, And from the Proposition 0.8 mentioned, then
\begin{equation} px+q_iy=1 \end {equation}
for some $x,y\in$ integer . Multiply the equation by $q_1...q_n$ without $q_i$, a term which we'll now denote as c,
\begin{equation} cpx+cq_iy=c \end{equation}
Since $p \mid q_ic$, then $p \mid cq_iy$ for any integer y. And it is obvious that $p \mid cpx$, then by Proposition 0.3, number 8, $p \mid c(q_iy+px)$. Hence $p \mid c$. By repeating the above reasoning, there would eventually left with only one term of q say $q_k$ that remains in c. Then since $p \mid q_k$ and both are prime, then $p=q_k$ for some $1\leq k\leq n$.

First, we'll prove that $\forall$ integers $n>1$, there is a prime factor,then later on we'll prove that every integer $n>1$ is a product of primes.

Theorem 4.1: Every Integer $n\geq 2$ has a prime factor.

Induction Hypothesis: Assume every integer,n that statisfies $2\leq n 2$, if n itself is again a prime, there's nothing to verify as this is exacly the same as the case for n=2. This is the case for n=3. But $k=4=2\cdot 2$ Since 2 is a prime, k has a prime factor.
Induction step: For every integer n where $2\leq n1$ is a product of primes.
It is trivial to notice that n=2 as 2 itself is a prime, having only itself and 1 as its factor. So let's us suppose $n>2$, if n itself is again a prime, there's nothing to verify as this is exacly the same as the case for n=2.If n is not a prime, then by definition, n=pq, where $p,q>1$ and since $p,q1$ is a product of primes.
Suppose $n=p_1p_2p_3...p_k=q_1q_2...q_r$ are two factorizations of the integer $n>1$. Without loss of generality, we can assume that $p_1\leq p_2\leq ...\leq p_k, q_1\leq q_2\leq...\leq q_r$ and $k\leq r$. Since $p_1p_2p_3...p_k=q_1q_2...q_r$, $p_1\mid q_1q_2...q_r$ and since they are all primes, by the solution of Problem 3, we can say that $p_1=q_i$ for some i. Since $q_i\geq q_1$for any i, $p_1\geq q_1$. By the reverse arguement, that is we can write $q_1\mid p_1p_2p_3...p_k$ and since they are all primes, by the solution of Problem 3, we can say that $q_1=p_j$ for some j. Since $p_j\geq p_1$ for all j, $q_1\geq p_1$, then $p_1=q_1$.
Theorem 4.3: The prime factorisation of n is unique.
Induction Hypothesis: If $n=p_1p_2...p_k=q_1q_2...q_r$ then k=r and $p_1=q_1, p_2=q_2...p_k=q_r$
Basis step: Assume that $p_1=q_1q_2...q_r$ then by the solution to Problem 3, $p_1=q_i$ for some i. But $q_i\leq q_r$, so $p_1\leq q_r$ but it is obvious that $q_r\leq p_1$, therefore $p_1=q_r$ and $q_1q_2...q_{r-1}=1$ that is $q_1=q_2=...=q_{r-1}=1$ but since $q_i$ is a prime, $q_i\neq 1$. m must be 1. $p_1=q_1$.
Induction step: Assume that if $p_1p_2...p_t=q_1q_2...q_r$, then t=r and $p_1=q_1, p_2=q_2...p_t=q_r$. Let $p_1p_2...p_{t+1}=q_1q_2...q_r$, then $p_{t+1}=q_i$ for some i. Since $q_i\leq q_r$, it follows that $p_{t+1}\leq q_r$. Similarly by arguing the other way round, $q_r\leq p_{t+1}$ Hence, $p_{t+1}=q_r$. It follows that $p_1p_2...p_t=q_1q_2...q_{r-1}$. By the Induction Hypothesis, k=r-1, and $p_1=q_1, p_2=q_2...p_t=q_{r-1}$. Therefore, k+1=m and adding in $p_{t+1}=q_r$, we get $p_1=q_1, p_2=q_2...p_{t+1}=q_{r}$.
Since the Induction Hypothesis is true for t+1 when it is true for t, and it is shown that it is true for t=1, it is true for t=1+1 and therefore, the prime factorisation of n is unique. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic is proven.

We prove this by contradiction. Suppose that there's a finite number of primes so this implies that there is a largest prime, $p_L$. But we can construct a term of $p_1p_2...p_L+1$ where $p_1<...p_L$ and since we have already stated that $p_L$ is the largest prime, this is a contradiction. Therefore there are infinite number of primes.

\end {document}

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Future of Reality

The talk mentioned about virtual environment and the real environment and mentioned it’s mixing, hence mixed reality. I am going to explore one possible future extrapolation of these concepts, which is towards a world similar to “The Matrix”. First, I’ll redefine real environment as the physical world, subjected to the laws of nature. And the virtual world is subjected to whatever laws the programmers can put in. I’ll define reality as whatever the five physical senses of the human body and the one mental sense that is the mind is in contact with. I’ll also assume that after each stage of advancement I list below, the generations of humans will be largely disconnected with the previous way of living and thus totally forget them.

Mixed Reality Labs had successfully integrated the sense of touch into Digital Medias, opening the path to wider internet uses such as communicating by touching instead of just video conference. With the advent of nanotechnology, it is possible to even integrate our sense of smell and taste into the internet, effectively immersing our five senses in the virtual world. When such techniques have been perfected, the only difference between the physical world and the virtual world can only be sensed by the mind. This is the 1st stage.

The signals of hunger, thirst and so on are detected by the mind and these would be the only reason that humans have to disengage from the virtual world where their jobs and play would be in. However, we can imagine that the future will develop up to a stage whereby all the bodily needs including humans’ replication are tended by machines that are self-sustaining. And therefore humans can stay inside the virtual world practically from birth till death. This is the 2nd stage.

To make the picture more complete, neurosciences would by that time enable us to connect our mind directly into the internet, thus fully liberating us to sense directly what other people think. This finally makes the distinction between the virtual world and the real world disappears, our reality is only the virtual world. Just imagine, humans now live in a world where the constant of gravity can be modified locally, allowing people to fly at their own will, not needing air to breathe, walking, no sliding without friction. The laws of nature are controlled by the individual! The need to eat and bath becomes optional, and with that, all social problems are reduced to zero, no more wars and crime. The Utopian state is at last achieved by the virtual world. This is the 3rd and final stage.

Almost like Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question”, humanity can now be considered to be integrated into one giant super being. It has almost omnipotent powers inside the virtual world, but perhaps virtually no powers at all in the physical world.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How did I study Physics!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

I will relate here how I studied Physics in Form 6. Disclaimer of the disclaimer: I may sound arrogant. Disclaimer: Don't expect to learn something from immitating my study style cause I believe study styles are individual dependant. Well, you'll see how I am arrogant later.

I didn't understand physics at all at first, why the complicated, unintuitive formula for the gravitational potential? So I went back to consult my secondary physics teacher on the formula. Ussually, when she explains physics in Form 4 and 5 I completely (or I think I completely) understand physics. But this time, it's different. I see that salvation is not gained by consulting teachers. I would have to get it somewhere else. Besides, it's too late to register for tuition for physics, it's packed full.

So I read the text book before the classes and paid half attention in classes, didn't do my homeworks (in physics). However, I always make sure that I can do those questions that my classmates can do.

I do remember always asking my teacher questions that he keeps on saying, "You'll know it later."And So I keep on looking for popular physics books in the library. "Popular" as in no equations and the physicist keep on downgrading the concepts so that the average layman can understand them. But to me, it's like an extra knowledge, an edge to higher (I think of them as advanced) concepts in physics, since no one else in my class does that, they are just contented with doing exercises and whatever the teacher teaches.

One reason I feel very elated when I got the chance to go for the International Physics Olympiad traning (now you see the reason for my disclaimers), is that I knew that I can learn more about physics (from previous experience when going for the chem one) , the stuff that they teach in Uni first and second year (only first year for NUS). So the trill of getting lots of physics concepts stuff into you and the small related maths in 4 days and nights worth of lectures kept me from giving up during the extremely (it seems so at that time) tough qualification test. Cause I wanna go for the next stage! And the rest is history, ok fine it's somewhere else in my blog, just read it.

And so I got a new light on the physics I'm studying is that sometimes you need to know more advanced concepts to know why things are like that in more elementary physics. Just that if the teacher is going to go through to the higest level of physics for you just to understand one little thing, you'll be looking at a University, no Graduate (that means masters) level of study. So in conclusion, physics in form 6 is not meant for you to understand as much as for you to memorise, work, and know how to solve problems.

Ok sorry for the disappointment, but as I see it, since I did understand physics back then, it's really possible for you too. Just that you need to be passionate towards physics and really read the popular books, they are helpful for understanding and getting your interest piped up. I mean all you guys learn about modern physics is some little thing on old quantum mechanics and its applications (atomic and nuclear physics). The rest are all Classical and it's so interesting to see how did the 400 years of physics (Maths is even worst, we learn much less about it's 1000 years of development) developed to such an elegant set of mathematical rules that practically explains every physical thing (non-biological) you see.

This is a response to the typical question of, "hey how's your life? Hope u do well in sg.. Hmmm.. I now in upper 6 delta.. may i kno how u study physics? do u do a lot of exercises? do u think a lot? or do u remember the concepts? I lik phy but dint get the result i wanted in the final exam last year.. i got a 66.. hope u can help me.. tq"

Instead of giving a typical answer that would exceed the character limit on friendster, I gave this. By the way the typical answer is, "You need to understand the concepts, that's all, no need to remember even after you understand. Cause you understand you know already. Done."

So for the majority of you guys that can't mimic my way, just do what my classmates do, exercises all day. Ok sorry classmates, if you do more I didn't know, that my impression on you guys......

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Insanity! University Homeworks

Somehow, I always knew that University life is hectic and busy, but even with many attempts to avoid overtaxing myself, there's no escape. I still have to mug and study and do insansely many University Homeworks. But this is only fair, anyway, it's my fault for taking 7 and a half modules. if I wanted an easy life, I would've just taken 5 modules per sem. Oh well, staying overnight at SPS ain't so bad at all. So Homeworks, you're doomed......

Monday, February 09, 2009


Got tagged by Shu Heng, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do, well anyway, I'll cut and paste. And answer in my own terms. I think I ignored some tag before. No idea. I think that tag are just for people who has nothing else to write in their blog or nothing to do. But I'll play along anyway.

Starting time:
1:53 am (Sleeping/Mugging Time)

Name: Ng Xin Zhao
Sisters: Ng Ching Siang, Ng Ching Yuan
Brothers: None
Shoe Size: Big
Height: 167cm

Where do you live: PGP
Favourite drinks: Plain Water
Favourite breakfast: Anything that makes me full

Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes
Swam in the ocean: No
Fallen asleep at school: Yes
Broken someone’s heart: Yes, my parents, teacher, friends, whoever who had hopes on me, and me.
Fell off your chair: Not that I can think of. Ok yes.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No, not all night, Princeton Interview.
What is your room like: Plain, comfortable, clean.
What’s right beside you: Books, Pencilbox
What is the last thing you ate: Instant Noodles

Ever had chicken pox: Yes
Sore throat: Yes
Stitches: No
Broken nose: No

Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes.
Like picnics: No. Too messy, unless someone else handle all the messy part.

Who was, were the last person you danced with: I don't think I danced one on one before.
Last made you smile: Always smiling, so no idea.
You last yelled at: Don't remember these kinda things.

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: No.
Kissed anyone:No.
Get sick: Already sick
Talk to an ex: No, no ex.
Miss someone: No.
Eat: Yes. Of course!

Best feeling in the world: Love. For Girl, Physics, or just in general. And of course FAME!
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No.
What’s under your bed: Floor
Who do you really hate: No one. I hope. Ok, maybe smokers and drinkers, and people who take drugs and hardcore criminals? Not so much anyway. Gotta practice Loving kindness.
What time is it now?: 2.03 a.m.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago hmmm.... I was 10 years old. Standard 5.
1. Mucus coming out of my nose, scaring classmates, resulting in loneliness.
2. Laughing at the jokes and stunts that my classmates do in the afternoon for extra tuition class.
3. Study and getting used to Standard 5 since I just jumped class and switched school. 4. Getting number 4th in the 2nd class in one of the top schools in Malacca. 5. Playing games during recess time, there was 30 minutes back then........

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Assuming today to be Monday, Finish Lab,
2. Go to classes,
3. Do General Relativity,
4. Finish SPS tutorial,
5. Print out the homeworks.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Instant noodles,
2. Vegetarian Rice doesn't count right?
3. Or Plain Water?
4. Or Soup?
5. It's not healthy to eat so many snacks in a day.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire (I assume it's American dollar, or at least Sing Dollar):

1. Start a nanotech company and publishing my written books too.
2. Put in bank, and give 1 millon each to my close relatives.
3. Start a trust fund to support me until 1000 years old.
4. Give money to the needy, donations, Dana. I think half of them will be given.
5. Use the rest to buy what I always wanted, PSP, PS3, GBA, NDS, Pokemon!, the best PC, and somethings I don't need, the best HandPhone, modified car, a big mansion in Malaysia, and of course a personal cleaning robot.

5 of my bad habits:
1. Procrastination.
2. Don't hang around friends more often.
3. Can't think of much, ok if really strict, some bad thoughts arise when some of my wantings are not fulfilled.
4. Some little jealousy of others.
5. Play games? See animes?

5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:
1. Iran
2. Vietnam.
3. Dubai.
4. Forest.
5. Malaysia.

5 things I will do after complete what im busy wif:
1. Sleep
2. Bath
3. Brush teeth
4. Keep my stuff.
5. Set the alarm.

5 people I tag:
1. Kai Xin

2. 林心如
3. Tse hwei
4. Calvin Tan
5. Gin Yuan

Sunday, February 08, 2009


5 years ago, a kid vowed to do all he can to attain enlightment in this very lifetime. That vow was made in the form of wanting to become a monk. Casting aside the 15 years worth of morality, the kid put the base of this vow right at the bottom of his soul. He treated it as a goal to fight for, just like Goku fighting all those tough bad guys, he did his best to uphold the good conduct passionately, but at last, inexperience and wrong views caused him to think that he's perfect when he's not. As a result, he suffered, Suffered more than anything on earth can induce, cause it's self inflicting. The deeper he got, the more he struggled, the harder it was to break free from that suffering. The suffering that hunts him every second of his waking moments. Up on to the edge of insanity. Then he forgot about it and just studied.

Time passed and time healed his wound, he realised bit by bit where did he got wrong, He learned that he's too rushed in the one thing that he should slow down on. He got control of his mind back, bit by bit and stabilized. And turned his interest in something else, something that he can fight passionately for, something that can fill the gap inside of him. And he was rewarded in the field, making him as happy as he had been before, and so he got stronger and stronger everyday. Until the time comes that he should face what's been bothering him again. But this time, he took his time. Mixing with friends in a local University, he was happy learning the truth step by step. Then the motto of just having fun became his reason to live on. But one year passed, and we come to the present, many stress has developed that he can no longer justify living is for fun. He must have another goal, a reason to live for, something to motivate him to fight.

Today, I finally remembered that vow, and how that kid misused it to his misery. Today I realised that the vow is not a dream, it's not a goal to fight for passionately, it's not something you can achieve and then aim for another. It's for the dissolution of passion, it's for the end of suffering, it's the ultimate, the last aim of my life. So I'm not going to forget it anymore. Cause I vowed from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to be more aware of my conduct, my actions, speech and thoughts. I'm going to find another goal in life in the meantime, until such a chance arise that I should have nothing else to do, I'll put on the robes. Now, I'm a physicist, I'm going to contribute to the world, I'm going to fight passionately.

And until the time comes that I should stand more firmly in the Dharma, I may consider taking bodhisattva vows.

Now I can remember how to laugh and love from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things to train everyday

There's a few things that I think is benificial to train or do everyday in order to achieve my dreams.
  • Do Tai Chi or push ups
  • Write a few pages of stories
  • Search and read papers
  • Meditate
  • Read Buddhist and Sci-fi books
Umm.... that's it, but it's a lot of time to do them, not to mention self-discipline. Haiz.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Advice continued

Remember the last post, well, this is the same questioner, so it's continued....

Q: Well, don't you ever worry about your future, since there is a limited jobs in that field?

A: Hmm.. how do you know it's limited without coming in to see it first? Althought it's an advantage to get a degree in what you want to do, your future job is not limited by what you're studying now. No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, so relax, live in the present and remember that having many choices that doesn't interest you is not as good as having one one that you like to do.

Q: I believe that you will like to involve in research. However, are you confident that you can a job in overseas university?

A: Why does research has to be done in overseas? Ya, I kinda like research, but for me, I got 3 years to build up my resume to get a job anywhere I like and the effort to do it gives me confidence.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Sem 2 Time Table

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
800 PC2130-L(SL1)

LT24 [0] LT24 [0]



S12-0402 [2]
S13-0401 [1]


S13-0401 [2]

1000 PC1143-L(SL1) Godel's paper
LT25 [0]
LT25 [0]



S9A-0102 [0]

1200 MA1506-L(SL1)

MA1506-L(SL1) MA1506-T(SB5)
LT33 [0] LT33 [0] S14-0115[2]



S12/0402 [2]

1400 ES1301-T(2) UIT2203-E(1)
ES1301-T(2) UIT2203-E(1)
S9A-0201 [0] 3B/SR1 [0]
S9A-0201 [0] 3B/SR1 [0]



1600 PC1144-L(SL1)

LT33 [0] LT33 [0]


Dharma Circle



USS2105-E(1) USS2105-E(1)
3B/SR2 [0] 3B/SR2 [0]

1900 SPS Seminar SPS IS




Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Last 3 Months

I woke up today and managed to make it to the lab session at 9. Then it was another lab session that we ended early at 3. So I got the chance to hang out at Physoc room and to prepare for the CNY celebration.

Ok nothing much, except that I didn't bring my PC to SPS room!
Looking back at my previous post at the end of October, I realised that it was 3 months since I've come to NUS before writing it, and now surprisingly another 3 months has gone by since I wrote the post. So I better recap on what I had done for the past 3 months.
I have:
  • Joined Science Buskers Festival and learned a lot of things during the process, almost made it to the finals... ok not almost.
  • Gone back to Malaysia 3 times. From 24th of December to 29th December, 2nd January to 7th January, and for the Chinese New Year, 24th January to 30th January.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year Yu Sheng 5 times. Twice with NUSBS people, one of which is at Pgp, after my kitchen cleaning, another after Dharma Circle. Twice at Malaysia, and the last, just did it in the Physoc Chinese New Year Celebration.
  • Joined Dharma Camp as a group leader and had regrouped with my team members twice since then.
  • Attended the countdown to 2009 in the biggest temple in Singapore.
  • When and explore the Singapore National Science Centre a few times out of the many free entrance opportunity that I had.
  • Filmed, edited, uploaded and deleted videos of Busking online.
  • Watched Blade Runner, Read " Brave New World" and General Relativity.
  • Just realised that my reading list is 37 books in 6 months, which I honestly think that I only read finish about 30 books only. About 6 days per book.
  • Went for the Second Dharma Friend Workshop in Geylang which I didn't knew I've been there until the 3rd time I was there.
  • Hanged out at East Coast Park with Dharma Camp people after coming back from the finals of the Science Buskers Festival.
  • Finally signed the Subsitance Loan.
  • Gone out to visit 8th Aunt's house with cousin and eat tang yuan there, and then seen 3rd Uncle and his performing kids in a Shopping Centre.
  • Attended a Class Reunion of Form 5 in Malacca and showed them my medal.
  • Collected many angpau from relatives.
  • Continuing with the October's post and inclusive, I've finished 10 lab, 10 tutorials, and mastering for Physics, more than 10 for maths, wrote 3 papers, Got the Best Bridge project (I still have the Bridge here with me), presented on the Spinning research and got the worst...., and Got a CAP of 4.4 in SEM 1. With PC1141,42, MA1505 all A and SP2170 CS, UIT2204 B- (for the missed 25%), UWC101P B+(saved by the A- in Paper3).
  • Played Dynasty Warriors 6, Red Alert 3, Pokemon Diamond, Spiderman Web of Shadows, and installed a lot more games......
  • Started OnePiece anime, currently just finished episode 30.
  • Sat for and got Band 3(out of 6) in QET, resulting in a complusary ES1301 module.
  • And now starting with this SEM 2, got 7 and a half modules. Easier to remember as 8. but only got 26MC. The modules are {Core: PC1143, 44, MA1506}, {non-CAP counted: USS2105 (the 2MC module for it's spread over 1 year or 2 sem and it's CS/CU basis) , ES1301 (which carries 0MC and I just need to pass it)}, and the {tough ones to look out for to get my 5 in my SAP(Sem CAP): UIT2203 (yes same Chrys Mendis, and I joined for the LEGO project), SP2171 (much tougher than the 4MC it carries, and SP 2170. my mentor says it's 2 and a half module.... which means it's practically 10 MC!!!!!!), PC2130 ( yes, level 2 for physics at last!!!!! It's Quantum Mechanics (QM) and it's not so easy to do the maths)}
  • Having a packed week everyday, in particular, 12 hours on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 6 or 8 on Even Wednesdays (2 or none on some odd Wednesday), 12 straight from 8 to 8 on Thursdays, and 4 or 6 on Fridays, not including Dharma Circle later on (max is from 5p.m. to 9:30p.m., normally only 3 to 4 hours.)
  • Studied General Relativity and going to study QM, the 2 pillars of Modern physics!
Ok that's about it. This list is quite long compared to the last one. And I have a theory, if you find me frequently blogging, you can bet there's some amount of strees in me, so judging by the relative scarity of my post in the last 3 months, you can bet it's been a very nice time for me.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reflections for today

Recently I have felt no complusion to do homework. Even if there's a mountain of them to do. Then I reflect back on today and seen that I have indeed done much in the past 24 hours even if I don't feel it for the pressure of the mountain of homework to do.

Today, from 12 a.m. to 2-something, I played pokemon diamond which crash down on me, wasting 3 and a half hour of my playing time! then I played Dynasty Warriors 6 until 4. Went back to Pgp (Prince George's Park Residence) to sleep and then got late for the 10a.m. meeting to discuss our "time travel" project. After which I suddently remembered that I've got to secure a dispenser for the Physoc Chinese New Year Celebration. So from 12p.m. to 1, I found out that the dispenser wasn't necessary any more as fruit punch is secured.

Going back to my PC in SPS room, I found some recent articles(papers) about time travel but I've got to go for lunch at the Arts canteen and going for the UIT 2203 class. After class, our team of LEGO builders met and discuss about the up coming project, throwing ideas on what to build. Then at 6p.m. I went to the library to return the much sought after book of "The Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. Shortly thereafter, I managed to arrive at SPS room again for the first IS session. It was fun, but now that I know about the level of difficulty required, it'll not be an easy job doing the rest of the tutorials.

Speaking of which, I should mention the mountains of homework I have.... which are:
  1. PC1143 and 44 Lab
  2. Mastering Physics for both too
  3. 4 Tutorials for both
  4. 2 Tutorials for Maths
  5. Research Crynogenics for the Debate
  6. Print out one paragraph
  7. Write a response paper
  8. Ideas/comments about Blade Runner relevant to the "tension and innovation" theme of my USS group
  9. Lego planning, emailing
  10. Read up the next chapter on Digital Information Age
  11. Do my QM tutorial.
  12. Read up on QM.
  13. Solve the Einstein Equations.
  14. Search for recent papers of time travel
  15. Do SPS tutorial.
  16. Just got this, find some picture etc... for BAW.
  17. To put it in, go to physoc and help out tomorrow.