Monday, February 09, 2009


Got tagged by Shu Heng, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do, well anyway, I'll cut and paste. And answer in my own terms. I think I ignored some tag before. No idea. I think that tag are just for people who has nothing else to write in their blog or nothing to do. But I'll play along anyway.

Starting time:
1:53 am (Sleeping/Mugging Time)

Name: Ng Xin Zhao
Sisters: Ng Ching Siang, Ng Ching Yuan
Brothers: None
Shoe Size: Big
Height: 167cm

Where do you live: PGP
Favourite drinks: Plain Water
Favourite breakfast: Anything that makes me full

Have you ever been on a plane?: Yes
Swam in the ocean: No
Fallen asleep at school: Yes
Broken someone’s heart: Yes, my parents, teacher, friends, whoever who had hopes on me, and me.
Fell off your chair: Not that I can think of. Ok yes.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No, not all night, Princeton Interview.
What is your room like: Plain, comfortable, clean.
What’s right beside you: Books, Pencilbox
What is the last thing you ate: Instant Noodles

Ever had chicken pox: Yes
Sore throat: Yes
Stitches: No
Broken nose: No

Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes.
Like picnics: No. Too messy, unless someone else handle all the messy part.

Who was, were the last person you danced with: I don't think I danced one on one before.
Last made you smile: Always smiling, so no idea.
You last yelled at: Don't remember these kinda things.

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: No.
Kissed anyone:No.
Get sick: Already sick
Talk to an ex: No, no ex.
Miss someone: No.
Eat: Yes. Of course!

Best feeling in the world: Love. For Girl, Physics, or just in general. And of course FAME!
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No.
What’s under your bed: Floor
Who do you really hate: No one. I hope. Ok, maybe smokers and drinkers, and people who take drugs and hardcore criminals? Not so much anyway. Gotta practice Loving kindness.
What time is it now?: 2.03 a.m.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago hmmm.... I was 10 years old. Standard 5.
1. Mucus coming out of my nose, scaring classmates, resulting in loneliness.
2. Laughing at the jokes and stunts that my classmates do in the afternoon for extra tuition class.
3. Study and getting used to Standard 5 since I just jumped class and switched school. 4. Getting number 4th in the 2nd class in one of the top schools in Malacca. 5. Playing games during recess time, there was 30 minutes back then........

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Assuming today to be Monday, Finish Lab,
2. Go to classes,
3. Do General Relativity,
4. Finish SPS tutorial,
5. Print out the homeworks.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Instant noodles,
2. Vegetarian Rice doesn't count right?
3. Or Plain Water?
4. Or Soup?
5. It's not healthy to eat so many snacks in a day.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire (I assume it's American dollar, or at least Sing Dollar):

1. Start a nanotech company and publishing my written books too.
2. Put in bank, and give 1 millon each to my close relatives.
3. Start a trust fund to support me until 1000 years old.
4. Give money to the needy, donations, Dana. I think half of them will be given.
5. Use the rest to buy what I always wanted, PSP, PS3, GBA, NDS, Pokemon!, the best PC, and somethings I don't need, the best HandPhone, modified car, a big mansion in Malaysia, and of course a personal cleaning robot.

5 of my bad habits:
1. Procrastination.
2. Don't hang around friends more often.
3. Can't think of much, ok if really strict, some bad thoughts arise when some of my wantings are not fulfilled.
4. Some little jealousy of others.
5. Play games? See animes?

5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:
1. Iran
2. Vietnam.
3. Dubai.
4. Forest.
5. Malaysia.

5 things I will do after complete what im busy wif:
1. Sleep
2. Bath
3. Brush teeth
4. Keep my stuff.
5. Set the alarm.

5 people I tag:
1. Kai Xin

2. 林心如
3. Tse hwei
4. Calvin Tan
5. Gin Yuan

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