Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Reflections for today

Recently I have felt no complusion to do homework. Even if there's a mountain of them to do. Then I reflect back on today and seen that I have indeed done much in the past 24 hours even if I don't feel it for the pressure of the mountain of homework to do.

Today, from 12 a.m. to 2-something, I played pokemon diamond which crash down on me, wasting 3 and a half hour of my playing time! then I played Dynasty Warriors 6 until 4. Went back to Pgp (Prince George's Park Residence) to sleep and then got late for the 10a.m. meeting to discuss our "time travel" project. After which I suddently remembered that I've got to secure a dispenser for the Physoc Chinese New Year Celebration. So from 12p.m. to 1, I found out that the dispenser wasn't necessary any more as fruit punch is secured.

Going back to my PC in SPS room, I found some recent articles(papers) about time travel but I've got to go for lunch at the Arts canteen and going for the UIT 2203 class. After class, our team of LEGO builders met and discuss about the up coming project, throwing ideas on what to build. Then at 6p.m. I went to the library to return the much sought after book of "The Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. Shortly thereafter, I managed to arrive at SPS room again for the first IS session. It was fun, but now that I know about the level of difficulty required, it'll not be an easy job doing the rest of the tutorials.

Speaking of which, I should mention the mountains of homework I have.... which are:
  1. PC1143 and 44 Lab
  2. Mastering Physics for both too
  3. 4 Tutorials for both
  4. 2 Tutorials for Maths
  5. Research Crynogenics for the Debate
  6. Print out one paragraph
  7. Write a response paper
  8. Ideas/comments about Blade Runner relevant to the "tension and innovation" theme of my USS group
  9. Lego planning, emailing
  10. Read up the next chapter on Digital Information Age
  11. Do my QM tutorial.
  12. Read up on QM.
  13. Solve the Einstein Equations.
  14. Search for recent papers of time travel
  15. Do SPS tutorial.
  16. Just got this, find some picture etc... for BAW.
  17. To put it in, go to physoc and help out tomorrow.

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