Friday, February 06, 2009

Advice continued

Remember the last post, well, this is the same questioner, so it's continued....

Q: Well, don't you ever worry about your future, since there is a limited jobs in that field?

A: Hmm.. how do you know it's limited without coming in to see it first? Althought it's an advantage to get a degree in what you want to do, your future job is not limited by what you're studying now. No one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, so relax, live in the present and remember that having many choices that doesn't interest you is not as good as having one one that you like to do.

Q: I believe that you will like to involve in research. However, are you confident that you can a job in overseas university?

A: Why does research has to be done in overseas? Ya, I kinda like research, but for me, I got 3 years to build up my resume to get a job anywhere I like and the effort to do it gives me confidence.

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