Friday, December 26, 2014

The Interview (2014 movie) Review

A hyped up movie which was threaten to not be released by some hackers and thus generated a lot more hyped up publicity for the movie than it otherwise would have had.

Anyway, I enjoyed the way they treated the movie. It does more to spark interest common folks to see documentaries about North Korea and want to understand what's happening there than those documentaries might have.

It does make a nice fantasy about what might happen and bring a happy ending to the world. Of course as a Buddhist, I wouldn't approve of the killings that has happened in the movie, but the way they showed it, it might have been the minimal amount of deaths possible to resolve the North Korean situation.

The movie is another way of showing just how much more powerful words are compared to action. Of course too, words without actions are just useless words, the final act of making North Korea a true democratic country is the "best" result almost everyone in the world wants.

Given that someone has thought of a creative way to topple the North Korean totalitarian regime with minimal deaths, what about other situations in the world? What about the Islamic State? What about other countries with leaders who are almost totalitarian? Or corrupt leaders? Corrupted parties? (hint: Malaysia). Maybe all the others does not matter so much because none of them has nuclear power. So perhaps the fact that this movie exist and comes out first instead of movies about the others shows a sense of practicality of people's (or just some people in the USA) mentality. Without Nukes (or Oil), you're not (that) important.

And I should rate the movie as 18-Sex, Gore, Violence, Political. Don't ask me where I watch it.