Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cap score

Now I've just gotten back from Taiwan, I've just checked my results and
Module Code Module Title Grade
ES1301 English For Academic Purposes (Science) B-
MA1506 Mathematics II A-
PC1143 Physics III A
PC1144 Physics IV A
PC2130 Quantum Mechanics 1 A
SP2171 Discovering Science B+
UIT2203 Digital Information Systems & Society A
USS2105 University Scholars Seminar IP
CAP: 4.59

it's just a bit disappointing on the maths part, but otherwise, I'm happy with the results.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 12

Finally, day 12, still healthy but almost sick and going to Buddha Light's Mountain tomorrow. 3 more days and I'm over drafting my money. need to exchange more money later on. Now got to go.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 9

Day 9 into the Buddhism in Asia trip, I'm using the Internet for the 3rd time. A bit regret that I didn't see Ruby lin in Taiwan. I mean her ads, publications, books and shows. Well anyway, this will be my last night in Linkworld hotel. and I'm going to go to Buddha Light University tomorrow, followed by Tzu Chi, and then Buddha Light Mountain. It's been a nice experience on Dharma Drum Mountain today and yesterday, well we returned to the hotel at night too. Ok I lived for less than a day as a forest monk in thailand and I like it but maybe I should do it for longer before deciding whether I should be a forest monk. Anyway there's 6 whole more days on this journey in Taiwan and lots of people has gotten sick. I'm hope I'll not be.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Currently I'm in Bangkok's airport, waiting for the plane to the east part of thailand. I did said that I should not be online for these few days, but as it happens, there is a free internet access here in the waiting room. so I checked my mail and decided to post this as a memorial and prove that I've been here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update up to now

Ok the last time I talked about my life was from the Fatal Deviation of OnePiece and Warcraft, funny that I don't feel the urge to play or watch Bleach now. Ok, so I'll brief on my exams first, I think I did badly at Maths, or not as good I think I should be, the two level 1 physics were nice and the Quantum Mechanics (level 2) is the easiest exam I had in comparison with the others.

Anyway I've just finished my USS term paper in 3 hours last night, causing me to woke up at 12p.m. and late for the temple tour today. Oh ya, I should continue from after my exams, I 've gone back to pack up my stuffs on that very day as my parents and grandparents come down to singapore to help me move out of the room in PGP. After that, the very next day we go back to Malacca and then to Petaling Jaya (PJ).

There I finished 20 episodes of Heroes season 3, saw my sis's boyfriend for the first time, joined in the wesak procession of PJ, buy some stuffs, and eat free food! But the trip in Malaysia is not long as I have to return to Singapore for various reasons.

From 11th may, just after alighting from the buses that got me here, I have to go to SPS to park my luggage, then PGP to take a number to return my transponder (key) and then at 3p.m., join the Buddhism in Asia meeting that started on 1p.m. After that, it's close to 6p.m. and I just have time to return the transponder before coming to SPS to repack the things I got from USP. Then it's a 1hour plus journey to Woodlands as I go to my uncle's place to sleep. I reached at 9p.m. and then slept at 4+ a.m. The next day, I was late for my group meeting, making Hariom, Minh and Weiding quite angry. But it's quite lucky that the physics department prepared food for us and then we get to see Prof. Edward Teo to finalise my group's proposal for SP2172, Investigating Science.

So for the Physics Open day, I'll join the Physics Society in overseeing the Competition for Cartesian Diver on the 4th-5th and 8th-9th June. For our SPS group, we'll do the self-consistency particle in Closed Timelike Geodesics in Tipler's Cylinder under Prof. Edward Teo and Minh. And for the Buddhism in Asia (BIA) Group, I'm the designer and logistic person for the team. If that doesn't sound busy enough for you, I had to go for another hour to go back to Woodlands.

On the 13th May, I had to wake up early to go to NUS and start the first day of the BIA leg in Singapore. We've invited venerable Bodhi and venerable Chuan Zhen to talk about Buddhist research and Buddhist College. Then as the day moves on, we visited Singapore Buddhist Federation and Tzu Chi Singapore. I am inspired deeply by Tzu Chi's activity and want to join them in the future. During the trip, I've also learned that most of my teammates has quite little idea of what Buddhism is and most are free thinkers. On the night, I had to finish my term paper for USS and thus the late sleeping time and missed the visit to the thai temple in Singapore and the free lunch by Kong Meng San temple. But I managed to go to Kong Meng San in 50 minutes and joined them in the remaining 1 hour of the trip for the day until 3:40p.m. then it's straight to SPS and the BBQ.

The BBQ that we had just now was very fun, althought at first I complained of insufficient food, however, as the mass of people move back to SPS room, I and a few others get to eat and cook the remaining food for some time and got full there. Then we moved back the remaining food and materials here and now I've updated my life correct to within 2 hours. And I shall stop writing now.

PS: oh ya, the schedule for the BIA is that I'll be flying to Thailand on the 16th May 6a.m., to Taiwan on the 22nd May, and back to Singapore on the 30th May 11:45p.m. . and since I am not planning to bring my laptop to the trip, it'll be a while before I update my blog again. And Since my physics people need me, I don't think I'll be able to go back to Malaysia after 30th May to 4th June. So I'll be studying, preparing for the physics enrichment camp and doing my paper for BIA during this time. But now, I'll finish the rest of the season 3 heroes.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

One Piece

This semester I have catched up with the latest episode of One Piece. From the negligible first few episodes, all the way to episode 398. That's about 400 episodes long!

Now I'm following the movies.