Monday, January 21, 2013

Team Robo

Team Robo is an officially registered Pokémon League and Tournament Organizer in Singapore. You can get this from the facebook page.
Many of you might be surprised in knowing that there exist a group who actually still play Pokémon in Singapore. I meant playing Pokémon as in using the official handheld gaming device and the trading card game as opposed to the emulators on PC.
Who are these people in Team Robo? I've joined in their lastest event recently and they are friends united by the love for competitive Pokémon battling.
Competitive Pokémon battling nowadays is no joke compared to the first generation. In the early games where the player almost always wins all battles. Yet with introduction of many different concepts and ideas into the main battling gameplay, sometimes a trainer has to breed the right type of Pokémon for their abilities, nature, individual values, battle the right wild Pokémon for the effort values, and even give the right berries, items for them to hold during battles to win at the last round of play. There is even a Smogon University listing of strategies for all Pokémon so that a serious trainer can have some guide towards building his or her team.
Ok back to the people in Team Robo, they are mostly males in their Junior College, University, National Service or secondary school, sometimes even primary school kids are there and of course working adults as Pokémon is for all ages.
They meet on Saturdays fortnightly to mainly battle and to trade, entralink, register friend code, funfest mission etc... many other stuffs that you can play with Pokémon other than the competitive battling part. Sometimes there are competitions with real life gym leaders in various malls in Singapore to beat and win prizes for! There is also the trading card game people, but since I am more on the side of video game, you get only that in this article.
Well, I'll just end this off with an announcement since the last post about new Pokémon games. Well, briefly speaking the follow up games for Pokémon Black and White are Pokémon Black and White 2 released in 2012. Now the 6th Generation of Pokémon games will be released in October 2013, called Pokémon X and Y with real 3D graphics on Nintendo 3DS! Finally, a 3D Pokémon game! Rejoice fans, this is a good time to buy a console and start playing again.
Disclaimer: Do work and study as hard too and not get addicted to playing Pokémon.