Wednesday, February 27, 2013

T.H.I.S. Buddhist Film Festival 2012

The event has just ended today (Sept 2012), and I've seen 6 out of 12 movie screening but due to some 2 in 1 deals, I've also seen 8 out of 16 movies. 3 out of 12 were impulsive buying on the spot. While I initially wanted to see the whole 12 movies, the trailer made me realize that $12 for some is too expensive.

The list in chronological order that I saw it was:
The Gatekeeper of Emnyoin
Crazy Wisdom
Your mind is bigger that all the supermarkets in the world
Dandelion Dharma
One Mile Above

Screened at Lido House, I think this event has brought together many different types of people, maybe next time it's held (2014) we can give free tickets to the Youth group commitees!


Although the kent ridge commons is an independent student newsletter, I don't feel like a journalist after getting two more recent articles published in it.
Here they are:
Time travel research

What I felt was more of wanting to have the opportunity to write more, to have cool, good things that I've encountered and then write my experiences in it to share with more people other than the base I got here.

Well, anyway, I really aught to get going to editing my novel that I've written about 3 months ago now. Making it nice and good enough to be published!

Hmm... I can't seem to write more, is it because of lack of inspiration or lower amount of ego? Haha or ego for wanting to have lower amount of ego?