Wednesday, February 27, 2013

T.H.I.S. Buddhist Film Festival 2012

The event has just ended today (Sept 2012), and I've seen 6 out of 12 movie screening but due to some 2 in 1 deals, I've also seen 8 out of 16 movies. 3 out of 12 were impulsive buying on the spot. While I initially wanted to see the whole 12 movies, the trailer made me realize that $12 for some is too expensive.

The list in chronological order that I saw it was:
The Gatekeeper of Emnyoin
Crazy Wisdom
Your mind is bigger that all the supermarkets in the world
Dandelion Dharma
One Mile Above

Screened at Lido House, I think this event has brought together many different types of people, maybe next time it's held (2014) we can give free tickets to the Youth group commitees!

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