Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just for fun

Yesterday was extremely long, I went to 13 houses with 20 over classmates and friends. I wore a batman shirt (just the logo in front) and a bag with a girl's picture which my cousin said is for girls.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My robotics life

Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cousins are coming down tomorrow and Now I am reaaaaaaaaallllly excited and going to get the last drop of dirt out of my previous fall after SPM
and reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly get into the mode to celebrate as the great Stephen Hawkings says "one has to grow up well enough to know that life is not fair, one just has to do one's best in the situation one's in".
And I realise that the total happiness of my childhood is gone, and the unsatisfactory happiness of the human life is the best I(as a layman, untrained) can experience so this will indeed make me go into taking Buddhism concept into my life to experience once again the untainted, wholesome happiness.
Now at lease the closest thing I have in life that reminds me of my childhood are my cousins it's been quite a while since the full set of us(6,3boys 3girls) can reunite and talk................ it's the best time of the year.
Oh right now the other thing that reminds me of my childhood happiness is LEGO! Now I am recruiting my team members to enter a lego robotics competition. Ok that all for now, as bugs bunny says "that's all folks."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Studying, Valentine's, Chinese New Year

Now I am studying Bell's theorem. I read about it in The Brief History of Time and at that time I seem to get it but now I struggle to remember how exactly does it works.

Just today I had received back my Chemistry test papers. I got a 40 over 50, surprisingly the second highest in my class! I feel quite bad that Zu Ming did quite badly in Chemistry, it makes me not too satisfied at the heighten probability of getting the first in my class. My Maths......... too bad can't get 100 cause lost 1 mark(translate to 2 marks) in paper 2.

I hadn't updated on what happened on Valentine's day yesterday. I told someone else to give Ai Yun the gift worth RM7.90 (it's a chocolate,8 pieces of them). And just before physics paper I told her that I was the one who gave it and .................... Hard to write at this point.
Well after physics paper she gave me back the gift. So I didn't actually wasted my money. Now I had to root out all the carvings I put into any kind of love fantasy and to put it this way, I am relieved that she had done so.

Soon it will be Chinese New Year. I will give the Chocolates to my visiting Cousins.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Looking for a University to go into

Tomorrow I got Chemistry test and now instead of studing, I am reading information about the top Universities in the world and how to get into them.
Here I will give some links:
To MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
To Princeton, too late now they accept class of 2011, which by then I will have been 22 years old.
To Cambridge,
To Oxford,
To Caltech(California institute of technology),
To Standford,
ok now I go see movie

Friday, February 09, 2007

Being a good guy

I am going to be better and better evah and every day.
I am going to be good with each passing second.
I am going to retain the goodness in me no matter what may happen to me.
I am going to stand against evil even of it is in abudance around me.
I am going to turn all insult and bad saying towards me to flowers that remind me of my shortcomings.
I am now calm, because I know being good does not need energy, it needs skills that are trained over time.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy birthday to Ai Yun

Happy birthday Ai Yun! I sent her a card.
actually nothing much to talk about here, as you can see my relationship with her is not developed.

ok now what am I supposed to do now............ ahhhhh yes the list
  1. Further maths homework: Functions
  2. tomorrow I got go for a competition.
  3. maths 2: a lot!!!!!!!!
  4. maths 1 : nothing, don't bother about it
  5. P.A.: graph catch up on the previous ones
  6. Chem: last exercise
  7. physics :board
Now go sleep??