Thursday, February 15, 2007

Studying, Valentine's, Chinese New Year

Now I am studying Bell's theorem. I read about it in The Brief History of Time and at that time I seem to get it but now I struggle to remember how exactly does it works.

Just today I had received back my Chemistry test papers. I got a 40 over 50, surprisingly the second highest in my class! I feel quite bad that Zu Ming did quite badly in Chemistry, it makes me not too satisfied at the heighten probability of getting the first in my class. My Maths......... too bad can't get 100 cause lost 1 mark(translate to 2 marks) in paper 2.

I hadn't updated on what happened on Valentine's day yesterday. I told someone else to give Ai Yun the gift worth RM7.90 (it's a chocolate,8 pieces of them). And just before physics paper I told her that I was the one who gave it and .................... Hard to write at this point.
Well after physics paper she gave me back the gift. So I didn't actually wasted my money. Now I had to root out all the carvings I put into any kind of love fantasy and to put it this way, I am relieved that she had done so.

Soon it will be Chinese New Year. I will give the Chocolates to my visiting Cousins.

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