Friday, February 16, 2007

My robotics life

Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cousins are coming down tomorrow and Now I am reaaaaaaaaallllly excited and going to get the last drop of dirt out of my previous fall after SPM
and reaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly get into the mode to celebrate as the great Stephen Hawkings says "one has to grow up well enough to know that life is not fair, one just has to do one's best in the situation one's in".
And I realise that the total happiness of my childhood is gone, and the unsatisfactory happiness of the human life is the best I(as a layman, untrained) can experience so this will indeed make me go into taking Buddhism concept into my life to experience once again the untainted, wholesome happiness.
Now at lease the closest thing I have in life that reminds me of my childhood are my cousins it's been quite a while since the full set of us(6,3boys 3girls) can reunite and talk................ it's the best time of the year.
Oh right now the other thing that reminds me of my childhood happiness is LEGO! Now I am recruiting my team members to enter a lego robotics competition. Ok that all for now, as bugs bunny says "that's all folks."

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