Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Last 3 Months

I woke up today and managed to make it to the lab session at 9. Then it was another lab session that we ended early at 3. So I got the chance to hang out at Physoc room and to prepare for the CNY celebration.

Ok nothing much, except that I didn't bring my PC to SPS room!
Looking back at my previous post at the end of October, I realised that it was 3 months since I've come to NUS before writing it, and now surprisingly another 3 months has gone by since I wrote the post. So I better recap on what I had done for the past 3 months.
I have:
  • Joined Science Buskers Festival and learned a lot of things during the process, almost made it to the finals... ok not almost.
  • Gone back to Malaysia 3 times. From 24th of December to 29th December, 2nd January to 7th January, and for the Chinese New Year, 24th January to 30th January.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year Yu Sheng 5 times. Twice with NUSBS people, one of which is at Pgp, after my kitchen cleaning, another after Dharma Circle. Twice at Malaysia, and the last, just did it in the Physoc Chinese New Year Celebration.
  • Joined Dharma Camp as a group leader and had regrouped with my team members twice since then.
  • Attended the countdown to 2009 in the biggest temple in Singapore.
  • When and explore the Singapore National Science Centre a few times out of the many free entrance opportunity that I had.
  • Filmed, edited, uploaded and deleted videos of Busking online.
  • Watched Blade Runner, Read " Brave New World" and General Relativity.
  • Just realised that my reading list is 37 books in 6 months, which I honestly think that I only read finish about 30 books only. About 6 days per book.
  • Went for the Second Dharma Friend Workshop in Geylang which I didn't knew I've been there until the 3rd time I was there.
  • Hanged out at East Coast Park with Dharma Camp people after coming back from the finals of the Science Buskers Festival.
  • Finally signed the Subsitance Loan.
  • Gone out to visit 8th Aunt's house with cousin and eat tang yuan there, and then seen 3rd Uncle and his performing kids in a Shopping Centre.
  • Attended a Class Reunion of Form 5 in Malacca and showed them my medal.
  • Collected many angpau from relatives.
  • Continuing with the October's post and inclusive, I've finished 10 lab, 10 tutorials, and mastering for Physics, more than 10 for maths, wrote 3 papers, Got the Best Bridge project (I still have the Bridge here with me), presented on the Spinning research and got the worst...., and Got a CAP of 4.4 in SEM 1. With PC1141,42, MA1505 all A and SP2170 CS, UIT2204 B- (for the missed 25%), UWC101P B+(saved by the A- in Paper3).
  • Played Dynasty Warriors 6, Red Alert 3, Pokemon Diamond, Spiderman Web of Shadows, and installed a lot more games......
  • Started OnePiece anime, currently just finished episode 30.
  • Sat for and got Band 3(out of 6) in QET, resulting in a complusary ES1301 module.
  • And now starting with this SEM 2, got 7 and a half modules. Easier to remember as 8. but only got 26MC. The modules are {Core: PC1143, 44, MA1506}, {non-CAP counted: USS2105 (the 2MC module for it's spread over 1 year or 2 sem and it's CS/CU basis) , ES1301 (which carries 0MC and I just need to pass it)}, and the {tough ones to look out for to get my 5 in my SAP(Sem CAP): UIT2203 (yes same Chrys Mendis, and I joined for the LEGO project), SP2171 (much tougher than the 4MC it carries, and SP 2170. my mentor says it's 2 and a half module.... which means it's practically 10 MC!!!!!!), PC2130 ( yes, level 2 for physics at last!!!!! It's Quantum Mechanics (QM) and it's not so easy to do the maths)}
  • Having a packed week everyday, in particular, 12 hours on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, 6 or 8 on Even Wednesdays (2 or none on some odd Wednesday), 12 straight from 8 to 8 on Thursdays, and 4 or 6 on Fridays, not including Dharma Circle later on (max is from 5p.m. to 9:30p.m., normally only 3 to 4 hours.)
  • Studied General Relativity and going to study QM, the 2 pillars of Modern physics!
Ok that's about it. This list is quite long compared to the last one. And I have a theory, if you find me frequently blogging, you can bet there's some amount of strees in me, so judging by the relative scarity of my post in the last 3 months, you can bet it's been a very nice time for me.

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