Thursday, April 17, 2008

A request by my cousin

This post is a request by my cousin, ting ting, who is now in Penang.
So ok I had applied for Princeton University, MIT, and Caltech. All of them had no need of specifying my choice of major but for any space requiring the most likely course I'll take I put in Physics, Pure Physics, Pure Research Physics, Pure Theoretical Research Physics.
Well I got rejected, from all of them. After all my hard work... applying to them is the hardest and most tiring application ever!

Oh well, putting my net larger to include NUS NTU and others, I also put in Physics as much as possible in the choices, sometimes I put in Mathematics or engineering, or even philosophy! Well, I have a wide range of interest. If you're wondering why the heaven does a person with IPhO and A in Further Maths is choosing for Physics instead of Engineering, I have a few reasons:
  1. Engineering sounds too cheap, too many people crowd into it, I wanna to be different.
  2. Engineering splits the pie too early, I would like to learn more about everything in Physics instead of concentrating only in one aspect and ignoring the others.
  3. Engineering doesn't seems to have deep theoretical physics, the kinds of like string theory and cosmology, which I would really like to dive in in my undergraduate years.
  4. I had decided to do a course that I like for my first degree rather than a course that will guarantee middle-high range salary.
  5. We found out the theory, they apply it, to me physicist is above engineers.
  6. I am more of the research type, but I can use my creativity to create tools too.
  7. As I mentioned, I planned to take more than 1 degree, so maybe I'll learn engineering later (If I want to). And Physicist can always learn and be a substitute for engineers but the other way round is much much harder (at least I think so).
Ok so that's also the main reason I put in UM physics USM physics then UKM physics as my top 3 choices in Local Uni.
And one more thing, ting ting, if you're reading this, please don't be influenced too much by me, I don't want to have one future engineer to choose physics (Although I have no idea what you're interest in becoming in the future). Ok so that's it for now, I better do my homework now.


TsuChong said...

Hi Xin Zhao,

Don't really agree with the line "engineers are cheap". It's a great profession that requires lots of hard work and intelligence.

I think engineers are more practical, no? They do more tangible and practical things.

Just my 2 cents. Don't know much about engineering or physics though.

han meng said...


we are the poor engineers :(

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Sorry Han Meng I don't meant to make engineers look poor, ya I admit that engineers require lots of hard work and intelligence.

Ting ting said...

No way, i m not ur cousin. Argg~~ can't believe i m just tiny for u.

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Sorry Wan Ting, but as a joke (to my cousin), I think I'll leave it like this, unless you want me to change. LOL

Yen Yi said...

lolxx...han meng...

cant tahan u man =p

han meng said...

lolwut? yenyi? .. haha
wat cannot tahan...

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Ha ha thanks for all the comments. Makes me realize my blog is actually being read.

han meng said...

i will spame everyday . no worries

Yen Yi said...

nahhh ntg la han meng..

like you say..we AREEEE poor engineers T.T