Monday, April 21, 2008

Death Note

The first time I heard this, I knew I don't like it. A note of paper, in which the person whose name you write on will die. This is the first order of degree of horror. The most horrible horror of horrors.
But if you think about it, everyone will die, someday, so it's isn't too horrible. Just to make sure, I who don't like to see horror movies, avoid it as much as possible, to save myself from this nonsensical fear.
So that's my first impression of Death Note. I am quite surprised that people actually like it. Ya they like first rated horror.

So only this January that I got into Death Note, surfing through the Astro for late night movies, I see 2 Death Note movies one after the other. The first is almost ending. So I thought, whateverlah, nothing else to see, I'll watch it, if it's too horrific, I'll switch the channel.
After seeing Yagami Light killing his girl friend and another girl, and the Shinigami is not at all horrible (just the looks), I see it's getting interesting, especially L.
The second movie had me hooked. Death Note is first class psychological thriller.

L and Light having the Duel of Wits. Kira killing only criminals (primary). Shinigamis that aren't interfering much. The pure Scientific thinking and analyzing. All of this plus the cute misa misa!

Death Note only has a minimal of supernatural things here. All the others are familiar science, deduction. It's definitely surpass Sherlock Holmes.
Now I am on the Death Note manga. Hopefully if you have the same first impression as me, you'll give this series a try and change your mind.


kaixin said...

put google adsense on your blog i guess... haha...

고진얀 said...

omg. i love death note too !!