Monday, April 21, 2008

A fan!

Hi! I read your blog and thought that it is very interesting..
just curious..
ops. sorry. I didn't mean to shout but scoring 800 and 790 sounds freaky.
and by the way, when did you take your sat?
I am considering doing form 6 and foundation at mmu or uniten. Which one do u think is better?
Yours truly,
kai xin

I replied:
Ha ha nice to see that I have a fan, thanks for viewing my blog, and I wish to add you in facebook and friendster hope you accept. umm, If you hadn't taken SAT before, it's really easy to get perfect marks in the subject test. The level is just a bit above form 5 definitely below form 6. So if you take it at the middle of your upper 6 (like I did, 2nd June 2007, my birthday) chances are, you'll get 800 without any studying (as I did too). Be sure to take Maths Level 2 as it is easier to get 800 in it than level 1, the cut off mark is lower for 2.

I just went and hunt for my statement of my SAT results and surprisingly I found it way back in the archive. So once again I would like to thank you for your patience and make me feel that my blog is not just read by me lol.

If you want to try your luck like me and represent Malaysia in International Science Olympiads, go form 6, but other than this advice, I'll have to leave the choice to you. You'll decide your future. Personally I think form 6 rocks, and it's the best time of my secondary life. One more information you should know, STPM is recognized in Commonwealth counties. So you'll have a very wide choice of which Uni you're going to later. Ok hope to hear from you soon.

She replied:
Ya i added you as a friend already! ^_^
Thanks for your reply! I don't think it's long enough but it's very informative!! Really appreciate the time and effort you put into replying me!

To be honest, I don't think my spm result is great, but overall I guess it's still satisfactory.. we are the first batch to learn science and maths in english, so presumably they would lower the graph a little.. just look at the number of straight 1As scorer and straight As scorer and you will know.. so I was very down for a few weeks for the 2 B3s cause I can't get a scholarship for that.. but I am ok now.. :)

Just curious, you didn't take biology right? Is pengajian am hard? I don't really enjoy learning BM at all.. haiz..

So did you take both SAT 1 & 2 at one go? Anyway, you made it sounded like it's easy to get 800 for SAT..

After all, you scored A for further maths, so maths should be like kacang putih for you.. haha..

To participate in that olympiads competition I must get very very high marks for my sciences right?
I am also considering taking further maths but I doubt if I can find any teacher in muar.. and the school normally wouldn't approve student taking 5 subjects.

I have been doing some serious research on STPM. Is it rare for people to get a 4.0 for their stpm? Kokurikulum plays the 10% part as well isn't it...

Another question... why did you put the word "monk" behind of your name? haha..

that's all for this time.. in case you are busy.. ^_____^

what course do you intend to do?
which university do you intend to go?
Did you apply for harvard and stanford and the other ivy leagues?
If you did apply for stanford, did you request for financial aids?
Did you get a scholarship?

looking forward for your reply!

Yours truly,
kai xin

So I chatted with her just now and answered all of her questions there.
And since I didn't ask just now, kai xin, can I post this here?
And I think it's a nice opportunity for the guys and gals of Kai Xin's batch to obtain information about their future like this so that they can make an informative choice of their future paths. So cheers for Kai Xin for her resourcefulness.


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