Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We are all Perfect in our own ways, my friends this is dedicated to you all.

Ooi Boon Teik
The only Malaysian who MIT admits this year as undergraduate, may go to International Physics Olympiad this year, Got 99 out of 100 in the National Physics Olympiad 2007, 4 flat in STPM, PTS Jumper.

Tan Ming Wang
ASEAN scholar, when to Singapore for A levels, SPM straight As, number 1 in Form 5, got into Imperial College London, PTS Jumper.

Teo Wee Shen
14A1 in SPM, the best in Malacca 2005, Went for the International Mathematics Olympiad in 2005, currently studying Actuarial Science in London School of Economics.

Tan Zu Ming
Number 1 in my class Upper and Lower 6 Alpha, 4 flat in STPM, State Champion for Robotics Competition, one of the top 15 in last year's International Physics Olympiad Malaysia's training camp, PTS jumper.

Gilbert Chia
4 flat in STPM, one of the 6 in Malacca brave enough to take up Further Maths, President of Maths and Science in High School, currently working.

Goh Jin Ming
Straight As in SPM, Petronas Scholarships holder, Taekwondo black belt, King Scout, friendly big guy.

Chan Tsu Chong
Monitor of our Class in Form 5, number 1 once in Form 3, straight A in SPM, another friendly bigger guy.

Tan Chen Long
4 flat in STPM, got A1 in Chinese in SPM, number 1 in Form 4, National Service guy, a very quiet and kind guy.

Calvin Tan
4 flat in STPM, straight As in SPM, King Scout, President of Form 6 Union, once number 1 in Upper 6, Friendly wacky guy, a great leader too.

Ai Yun
4 flat in STPM, drum master in form 5, pretty and slim gal.

Gan Yi En
Straight As in SPM, JPA Scholar, going to German, one of the best Scrabbler in Malaysia.

Ooi Er hern
PTS jumper, one of the 5H 2005, ACCA guy, a good Scrabbler.

Tan Kai Shen
4 flat in STPM, straight As in SPM, once number 1 in Upper 6, has a pretty girl friend, and had his face appeared on newspaper.

How Yip Feng
King Scout, 4 flat in STPM, PTS jumper, working.

4 flat in STPM, PTS jumper, an Indian but can listen to Chinese.

Alexander Chang
Once number 1 in Form 3, Straight As in SPM.

Loh Ting Hui
One of the best in Law in A-levels, gone to University Of Manchester to study Law, one of my best cousins.

Loh Jia Long
Top in his class in Taylors, rubiks cube soon-to-be champion, serious gamer, one of my best cousins.

William Goh
Experienced and serious gamer, good academic records, rubiks cuber too, one of my best cousins.

Michelle Goh
Straight As in SPM, soon-to-be JPA scholar, anime and manga addicted girl, one of my best cousins.

That's all I got time for, if you're not listed here, it only means I hadn't got time to write you down yet, so feel free to leave a comment about yourself.


Anonymous said...

ok. you are so not cool. then how about people who don't or never get straight a's in their life before??? are they failures??? your post shows that you are just trying to be a class above the rest and only having friends who has got a's and a's and a's in examinations only. sorry to be rude, but fuck.

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Sorry, these friends are the ones I look up to and hang out with the most, there are still more, but it seems you maybe correct in a fundamental way, however those who never got perfect results in examinations are perfect in their own way, just that I hadn't got the time to think about them yet. And may I know who you are?

calvin said...

excuse me anonymus...it's not that he doesnt remember u in some way or another..didnt u see his last paragraph??

"That's all I got time for, if you're not listed here, it only means I hadn't got time to write you down yet, so feel free to leave a comment about yourself."

he's trainin for his physics olympiad camp (academic stuffs) so it's jus that he so happen to remember all his friends dat had done well academically..

do u think of goin and havin fun in genting highlands when ur doin some serious studyin to represent malaysia?

so d fuck should go to u n not him...

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Thanks Calvin, really appreciate it.

daniel said...

Though I admire your brilliant mind and your friends' brilliant minds, and though I think you can define what friends are your very own merry way, I do not like the fact that you instinctively listed your friends according to academic achievement. List them in alphabetical order please.