Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3rd IPhO Camp

On the 21st to 25th of April 2008, 10 Malaysians are called up to join the 3rd International Physics Olympiad Training Camp. This is also the camp where the final top 5 are chosen among the 10.

It is regretted that Ooi boon teik, a promising candidate has not turn up for the camp due to health reasons. Therefore a mara student is called up to replace him at the last minute. As expected there are no females among the top 10 even through females occupy 25% of the population in the 2nd camp. Other than 4 Mara Malay students, the remaining Chinese are 1 Kedah, 1 Chung Ling (Penang), 2 Klang High School, 1 Malacca high and 1 more ex-Malacca High.

All during the camp, an IQ test is given individually to 9 of the students, since 1 of them had taken it last year. The IQ test, EQ test and the test results of the 4 hours of Thursday Experimental & Friday Theoretical each will be used to consider who will make it to the top 5.

The atmosphere of the camp was one of utter silence. One of us is bored as heaven as he tries to establish a more lively atmosphere. The main reason of the silence maybe the result of the tension between the candidates to make it into the top 5. However there is in no way any hostility between any candidates. The one who had tried so hard to enliven the atmosphere had brought them to the public library and sneak in with them to read some of the books there.

As hero had been in UKM for 2 months now and had quite an experience on where to go to spend his time. He is also the unofficial leader of the 6 Chinese as he always lead them to anywhere until he's sick of it and prefer to go alone on Thursday night. He had noticed that he liked the post of leader much and preferred to lead whenever in travel-walking. However the responsibility of making sure the rest keep up is just not suited to his style. Our hero is grateful through that he has company at nights so that he will not get too lonely.

As a last word, to the top 5 who are chosen, make sure you guys study hard and get all 5 medals for Malaysia!

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