Saturday, May 12, 2007

Update on my life so far

29th April was Sunday, I was blogging at 00:15 in the morning. And then I... was in a holiday mood, since it's holiday for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Monday night, I went to join in the Wesak day procession. It's the second time I followed in a group the whole night, the first time was in 2005.
That night I burned my hands as a result of not heeding the advice of my fellow friends to throw away the wax accumulating in my candle. Nah don't worry, it's only pain and no damage to my hands. I drove back at around 11p.m. after going back to see the rest of the procession even through I am so exhausted after that walking the whole night. Then unwisely, I when to online and missed(I think) my sister's birthday celebration. But that's not all I missed the Further Maths tuition on Tuesday morning! Plus marking the first time I can remember I didn't went to the temple on Wesak day!!!!!!
Well as bad as that seems, I got to watch Spiderman 3 in the afternoon. First day of release and I am amongst the first few thousands(must be) to watch it in the whole world. Well sitting in front didn't do the fighting scenes justice, but I gotta say as a big fan of spidey, the film is not bad, it's very good.
That weekend I went to Tzu Chi with my friend to study.
Then I got sick on Monday night. MC Wednesday and Thursday off and Friday I went to school to update on my homework.

Oh and the most important part happened on Thursday night, the thing that had me worried had been released on 10th of may... I am most modest if I don't say here that I am..........
ah whatever, being modest is good too. Ok now I believe you got what I wanna convey here. Thanks and I learned on Friday that passport making is just a little over 2 hours!

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