Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just trimmed my nails

Studying for the Olympiad is not as easy as it looks, but it's a fun process for me. I averaged a 3 days for one past years and now I only got 34 more to do before I go to UKM and Iran thereafter.
For those interested (you can't believe how many people asked me when am I going to go to Iran), I am:
  • Venue: going to Iran on
  • Time: the 12th or 13th of July 2007 to 23rd of July for
  • Event: The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)
But I am going to UKM at 9th of July then straightly go to Iran. So I am going to "skip" school for about 2 weeks for official reason.

Below is the website where you can get the past years, In case you are interested in how "hard"
a material am I studying.

Now...... switching to a different topic, National Mathematics Olympiads will be held on this Saturday.

Sorry to cut it short, but it's time to go to bed......

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Loh Jia Long said...

By the way you spelled my sister's name wrong. It's Samantha, not samantah. Good luck in your physics olympiad. Although i didn't really get what you were trying to tell me about the lightning through sith thing, i'll take it as a lack of education on my part instead of lack explanation on your part. Cheers.