Monday, October 04, 2010


Oh man, it's been one month since I take up the Vice President of NUSBS role. It's a bit more taxing than the last one I had, but I've gotten used to it.

And pardon my talking like this, I've been watching "How I met your Mother" until the 4th season by now in less than 2 weeks.

Oh let's see what happened since last month.

  • I've gotten the Vice President role of NUSBS in the AGM. Done some handover stuffs and planning for the 1st Management Committee Retreat which was held 2 weeks after the AGM. In the meantime, there's a lot of stuffs to do for Dharma Camp, the weekly activities, and Ajahn Brahm coming to NUS for a Dharma Talk (18th November). That's 1 for CCA.
  • For studies, hmm... it seems to be taking a back stage audience as I seem to prefer to busy myself with NUSBS stuffs than doing my homework. Or studying.
  • Then for Mid-Autumn Festival, I've gone briefly to the Physoc celebration and then Prof. Lee invited us to go for a Mid-Autumn gathering! It's the NUSBS MC and we have the chance to chat!
  • Then there's also the Tzu Ching 1 day camp at Tzu Chi Singapore. That was last Saturday and it's really fun to join in and lots of things to learn from.
  • There's also Johan's Birthday yesterday and we went to celebrate it with him.
  • Oh ya there's also the SPS board game day! I organised it.
  • I went for the NUS President Appreciation Lunch with Student Leaders. It was a nice thing of NUS to do for us!
  • I went to Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore to volunteer and to get to know the organisation better for my group project in the Human Relations module.
  • And mainly busy with the Dharma Camp preparations.
  • And also went to NTUBS AGM as an observer. It was nice meeting them all again.
  • And having lots of Mid terms now.
  • Oh and I'm going for the USP honour's roll tonight! I've got to update my CV /Resume soon.
Okie, that's all I see for now. Whatup?

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