Sunday, December 09, 2012

Physics and Buddhism, internalizing

Here I come, having nothing in mind to talk about, just want to make a post. Should I continue to update things about my life?

Let's try that.

Currently working as a Research Assistant in NUS, I'm almost finishing writing a paper of my FYP and getting to read up a lot of different stuffs related to relativistic quantum information.
Here are some of the books I've read/am reading:
Sakurai: Modern Quantum Mechanics,, one of the best books in QM.
Feymann's Lecture Volume 3, also cool, but sakurai one is cooler.
Rindler's Special, General and Cosmological Relativity, a good recap/ serious study about relativity.

It's amazing how many things you don't learn properly in undergraduate physics. Now I'm learning on my own and getting to see how much of physics I need to really keep in mind and not rely on google/ lecture notes.

For analogy, I've been reading a lot of books about Buddhism lately too, it's been like I'm getting Buddhist books faster than I can read them. It is usually the case that I attempt to understand immediately what is written in there (I read the books appropriate for my level of course, to intellectually understand their contents) and the knowledge becomes part of me. So if anybody asks me about a thing I just recently read/ studied quite rigorously I can answer with reason.

So I'm noticing that I'm starting to take the same attitude towards physics. That I'm internalizing physics inside of me. So that when people asks me about the concepts, I should be able to come out with the maths (not trained, so can't do it yet) and explain the concepts properly.

I've still a lot to catch up in Physics and therefore I'm trying-as much as I hope to- to reduce some of the time I spend in Buddhist activities and devoting them to Physics. At last, I've still not yet succeeded. Pokemon comes in the way and is to be partially blamed. But hey, at least I'm spending less time on it than on writing a book the last month or Avengers Alliance. Btw, I've just downloaded the free DC Universe Online, and it makes my head dizzy after playing it for less than an hour continuously. Maybe I'm more suited to a 2D RPG than a 3D one.

Well, maybe I should continue on my other blog if I want to talk more about Physics and Buddhism. See ya there!

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