Monday, May 06, 2013

A superhero response to malaysia's election results

 BN won in Malaysia election again, with more than half in numbers of Malaysians voting against them. Many would feel anger and disappointment now. Including me. Yet, I recall to mind that anger is using other's wrong doings to punish ourselves. 

What would a superhero do? Here's what: BN, your own karma would catch up with you, and all those who participated in the corruption and cheating to let you win unfairly. I, as a silver medalist of malaysia representative in 2008 international physics Olympiad do not have the confidence for you to rule. 

Yet, I would urge all who feel the same to not do anything drastic, don't do anything criminal, or harmful to yourself to them or to our country. Just know that next election, there's the people who signed up for elections late (2013) there's a whole new 5 year batch of youngests who's very dissatisfied on Facebook. There's still the support of overseas Malaysian voters, even more, as those who didn't vote this time will want to vote next time. 

So keep on living our lives, be vigilant against corruption and cheating, be aware of the gangsters that rule our country and know that they will reap their owni karma, we need not be the punisher. We are instead superheroes like superman, knowing that truth will win. Declare on your own, for yourself, the content of this message too. 

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