Monday, July 15, 2013


Hey there,

It's been a long time since we had talked. I guess I had little need for personal space now that I have a 3DS. Well, anyway here's a bit of anchor, for the writing of the Metta Convention, 8th Global Conference on Buddhism, and Awaken Challenge. 3 crazy weekends, followed by one more ultra crazy weekend. Rock and roll guys!

I'm not used to writing here.....Maybe it's because it's a personal blog that I feel so relaxed in typing whatever non-sense here, as long as I keep to the 5 precepts online too, I'm ok.

This is my anchor in life for now. I've a little bit more stuffs to write, like a Buddhist gaming idea I'm having, another presentation in MDC, and a cool project that is my job! FTL travel simulation..... Haha.

Life after graduation moves on and on like a speeding train. If you don't watch where you are going, or what you're saying yes or no to, you will not have a grasp on the direction of your life.

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