Sunday, May 11, 2014

What I do with my free time

Since I had quit gaming yet again and reduced the amount of shows I am following, I had a lot of free time to finally catch up on my long term plans. I had just made a list of what I did and it's amazing!

  • Science Fiction Novel- Editing "Problems, Try this!" I had the first draft for a long time now.
  • Physics and Buddhism blog entry.
  • Temple Explorers Singapore book writing.
  • Physics Textbook reading and learning.
  • Dhamma books reading and learning.
  • Science Fiction story books for inspiration, learning and style setting for my own story.
  • Physics and Buddhism books written by others so that I can be more informed of what has been explored on this subject.
  • Popular Physics books reading
  • Buddhist presentations for Medical Dhamma Circle.
  • Awaken Challenge organizing
  • Degree in Buddhism
  • Other Buddhist events and volunteering (this plus the degree takes up 6 or 7 days per week)
The readings and writing were mostly done in the train, smartphones or individual book. There are some more stuffs that can more comfortably be done on the computer. Like this blog. 

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