Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy birthday to Ruby lin and my dear cousin

HiHi just wanna tell my dear good cousin's 18th birthday today now I am chatting with them cool huh? the internet.....

Now I will like to extend my birthday wishings to my idol and crush, Ruby Lin Xin Ru who is 31 years old today. I hope that she will at least notice this blog and leave a comment on it (ya right fat chance). Well hope she's enjoying her birthday now and if I am given a chance, I would like to .......marry her? No, fall in love first then marry her.....(this has got to be a fatter chance)

Ok now, about my cousin, he is call house dragon, or Loh Jia Long. He is one of my best friends and cousins and is currently studying in Taylor's KL.

Now about me......
I am getting the hang of form 6 social life, being popular but not self centred. Now I had just participated in the cross country of my school, running about 5km around Melaka town. Since I ate a lot for breakfast, I couldn't run fast, luckily I took the advice of Jessie who told me to walk for about 1 km first then jog, then run. So, I did just that and my friends from the first two check points told me to run. Anyway if I hadn't done this, I would have gotten less (I mean more that 45) than 45th for the 1 class (upper6 boys and form 5) boys. Overall it feels good. Now wait I am being self centred here...........whatever
I am going to Pysics Olympiad with Ai Yun soon, what to do leh?... My friends are trying to influence me to go for her, while she had told me not to be infuenced by them. This is a good chance. I shall do it, sorry Ai Yun and Ruby Lin. For my cousins had told me to. Well I just hope I can deal with the consequences if there is any.
This is it for now. May all beings be well and happy.

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Anonymous said...

I am Ruby Lin and I am so touched by your sincere birthday wishes. I am glad there is someone out there like you. No doubt there is nobody else in the world as romantic as you.

I love you.

From your beloved idol,