Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stand in for good

It is dangerous to have an archenemy, whenever the enemy becomes good, you become evil. It is better instead to stand in for good and ignoring the ones who are evil because evil is not them, only that they have evil.

Anyway I am quite glad that I finally found out what's wrong with my library card. Soon I will be able to borrow books. Hahaha. Akimov look out!!!

Now I have the cool responsibility to decorate the physics board!!!!!! Thanks to the teachers, now I can finally shoot off to fame!!!!

One more thing, since you are so patient, I will share with you how to be happy. Look at the bright side of life in the present, like appresicate that you have two good eyes and can see this passage. Anyway just keep on looking at the bright side of life but don't overdo it cause it does takes a lot of effort and energy to think fast and long.

Ok last but not lease, live life for your self.

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Anonymous said...

hello xin zhao,

Saw your blog url in your msn nick and stopped by to look see look see abit.

Not bad la dude, keep it going. Some stuff are quite motivating : )

I've never seen you in the perspective before haha. ;)

who is still finding time to start his own darn blog