Friday, March 30, 2007

Back from IPhO

Now I am back...... With lots of things to tell but first, we start on Monday. On Monday, I just found out that Adel got selected to go with us too to the International Physics Olympiad training camp.
After school, At about 3-something p.m. we took off in a van. It has 2 seats in the front, 3 rows of 3 seats behind it, and when the bonnet is empty, an extra 4 seats which makes it a 15 seater.
Cool is it not? Well we took the old road to Port Dickson, no breaks ,no tolls. After arriving at there we are introduced to a new friend from Selangor. Then 2 more guys arrived from kedah. So us 8 guys are roommates. The first lecture is by non other than Mr. Wee from our school, he taught us about thermodynamics about engines, the second law entropy and the third law of no way to reach 0 Kelvin.
Next came the quantum mechanics, the lecturer gives us Schrodinger equation and on the third day how to draw graphs. That's the day Yip Feng and Gilbert came. Then came Dr. Sithi who trained us in problem solving in classical mechanics. Amazing that most of engineering is composed of this section. Some question are quite hard but overall it's good. He encouraged me to do my best in the Friday test, saying that I have the potential. Thanks to him my damped spirit is revived to blazing goodness. Wednesday evening we walked on the beach. The next day came Mr.Chin who taught us some simple Tai Chi exercises then another guy who was supposed to teach us modern physics which consist of
* Quantum mechanics
* Theory of relativity
* 20th and 21st century physics, in general including nuclear physics.
but we only managed to cover special relativity and some outline for quantum mechanics and this eats up the 3 hours that Madam Chin was supposed to take, shortening her lecture to 2 hours only. And do she assume that we had finished our syllabus for the form 6. That night I had to study a lot about electromagnetism, the circuits, and optics. So the monopoly I brought wasn't played.
Just Imagine my spirit sinking when I see that I can't solve the second half of the 60 objective paper cause it is in electromagnetism and nuclear physics I tikam about 20 questions all in C. The second paper are practicals where we are expected to draw graphs and do error analysis. I can only draw graphs, not analyse the errors. So goes the 3 hours that we are given to finished it, in misery. I was so convinced that I will not be selected for the top 5 that I didn't really did my best but then toward the end of the test, Mr. Chin told us that they are choosing 20 out of 55 students! Great, even now I am wondering whether I did good enough to get selected for the next camp.
After that we were given some papers and the closing ceremony was held. I took this chance to group together the guys who took Further Maths called networking, nice too the guys there said the camp should go beyond the 5 days, but create networks of physics preferably. Then it's back home as we know it after a lunch. Ok so I got it out now I will be going on with my life. Enjoy the pictures below.

The Eating Place, we had our dinner, lunch and breakfast here.

Me and My Lego haha my roomates were speechless too when I took out the lego.
Mat Gaya wanna pose with my lego creation.

Mr. Chin teaching us Tai Chi I had learned something new too. I guess he didn't noticed I played Tai Chi in the morning too two out of four days.
Roomates at the last day (that's this morning)
a swimming pool at the resort.

Port Dickson's beach notice the line of dirty waters right at the shores, I didn't touch the seawater during the entire stay.

At the beach collecting seashells and sands for our classmates

it's a bit dark since the sun is behind us
Posing by Calvin And Gilbert.

The main building of the small(relative to a University) resort we had spend our days studying physics

This is pretended studying for the camera posing

trying out my camera's timer

Yip Feng and Gilbert came to Port Dickson after schooling on wednesday just to see us. Nice too Yip Feng brought a nail clipper for me.

Warning: this boat is for viewing purposes only don't sit in it.

Lights up in the dark(it's the same ship)
Nice waterfall at the day
Look at it during the night

it's a bit blur but that's Mr. Wee there.

My bed in the masterbedroom

First sunset taken at the apartment.


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