Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy and happy life

For the past few weeks, I had gone to a leadership camp, joined a scrabble competition in KL, when to KL to play monopoly with my cousins....
Well let me make this chronologically correct. After a week of Chinese New Year, I studied for a week finding out that I didn't get the no.1 but fall off at no.6. That weekend I when to the leadership training camp somewhere near Taman Rama-rama. In the camp, I got "humiliated" by one of the trainers but since I didn't felt like humiliated, I didn't mind much. I didn't get much reading done on my complexity through. And in an unrelated case, I betrayed my friend who let me take his place ...... so sorry Alex.
Ok now after another week of schooling, there's the march holidays. I started off with the scrabble competition which brings me to KL and I had an opportunity to play monopoly with my cousins in Puchong.And did we rediscover the joy of it! After that, I wished to play it again so at the next chance (it so happens to be another weekend) I went back and did it.
Now one week after school reopens, I am starting yet another weekend now I'm gonna busy myself for the float for Wesak day. I do think myself as a weekender.
The juice is still here, next week I am going to the Physics Olympiad training as promised(with Calvin, Kevin, Zu Ming, And Ai Yun) hahahahahahahhahahaha. After coming back I am going to enter a Chinese chess competition for the weekends in Multimedia University Melaka. Then comes the next monthly Test. hahahahahahaha looks like I hadn't study for it. Maybe I got some time....
All in all there's a couple more things here, first I got some taste of lego building for the lego competition, and you can bet it's nice to be able to handle sooooo cool things like gears, long sticks..... well you know. Second, to complete the Olympiads, I volunteered for the Maths Olympiad. Nice considering I gonna meet my cousins in University Melaya(again) when we go for the competition. Lucky for me through, I got my team of 4 very soon(all of them are my classmates and males) and 2 of us(including me) got Further Maths to back us up. And you bet I am very happy right now.
Bugs coming out of a orange ring, bites a carrot and says"That all folks!"

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