Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Advice for post STPM Malaysians

I know that this period is one of the peak period where everybody seeks out for advice from dunno who. So I'll provide some here, althought I think I did put a lot of them some where near the front of this blog, so ok here's them....

Question: If you were not enrolled in NUS, would you study Phy and MAth in local university? Or you would take engineering? Which university would you prfer?

I will choose university soon, hopefully can get some idea from you...thanks

Answer: Oh, lol, I thought you're aiming for MIT? Oh well it's good to think about backups. Local... I applied for UM physics, USM physics, UKM physics..... you get the idea.... I doubt if I could double major in Local, so I'm kinda glad I'm in NUS.
Well to tell you more, my parents and a lot of people tell me that with my intellect I should choose Engin for Local (since Science are generally for people who can't get engin) or I can even aim for Actuarial Science... for real money.... But I personally want a good enjoyable 4 years of Uni life, so I choose to take my interest: Physics.

One more word of advice, when you apply to NUS (which I think you will most certainly do), apply it seriously and not being exhausted after MIT application that you are doing now (or are you an early bird?) and apply for Singapore Scholarship which you get everything for free and no 3 year bond, any other financial means includes the 3 year bond. Yes, the exact words are "Singapore Scholarship" search for it!!!!!!

Oh well, and one more thing, apply for the Advance Placement and sit for it!!!!!!!!!!! it's important to skip some modules that you know already!!!!!!! so these are just the advice I want to give and umm.... the other advice will be posted if asked and I think it is generally available elsewhere. Since I learned these the hard way..... I hope you'll learn it the easy way.....


Spamer said...

Some points to add:

While pure science is considered inferior to engineering in local university, it would be imprudent to say that pure science is for the less intelligent.

Physics, in its deepest level, holds the key to the secret of the universe which can only be claimed by those of the brightest mind.

Should a course be considered inferior just because it bring less income than the so called conventional course, such as engineering and medicine? Should our post STPM Malaysian, prioritised the unpredictable "future job prospect", rather than what they are really capable of doing?

I personally think that the success of a graduate in his or her career depends not on whether the course the graduate chose is an elite course or not, but rather, whether the graduate is an elite in the course that he or she has chosen.

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Well said, I thought it is implicit in my advice, oh well, sorry for the misunderstanding but I fully agree with you. That's why I choosen Physics and Maths. And I didn't said that "pure science is for the less intelligent."

Spamer said...

Sorry...I don't imply that your blog post describe pure science as inferior. Yeah, the content of my comment is implicit in your post. I merely post the comment to highlight the mentality of many post STPM Malaysian.

Anyway, keep up your good work in NUS. :)

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Wow, people think like this than I'm quite relived now thanks for the feedback spamer. Care to leave your contacts?