Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Praying Mantis Man

In gotham city, there was 2 girls who were rushed into a corner by 2 random bad guys. But fear not, as the town is protected by Super Spiderman! As Super Spiderman came to the rescue, the 2 random bad guys was not horrified.

Random Bad Guys: Who are you? Why are you here?
Super Spiderman: Hey, I so famous you don't know ah? I'm Super Spiderman!
Random Bad Guys: Then what you come here for?
Super Spiderman: I have come here to stop you two. Behold my invinsible webbing!

So Super Spiderman webbed the 2 random bad guys and pulled them to the floor, thus saving our 2 young ladies.

Next scene, deep inside the mountains there is a man, the Praying Mantis Man! As he trained his Praying Mantis Kung Fu (螳螂拳). One minute later....

Ok after Praying Mantis Man, the 2 Super Heroes meet up and had a Kung Fu Traning Session. Then they used the Tai Chi that they just learned (that I tought) to do their stunts.

Then in a nunnery, there were 3 nuns meditating. 2 Supernuns had attained the 3rd and 4th Jhana respectively. But the last one was dozing off in her meditation and consequently is still a nun and not a supernun. So she got jealous and didn't practice Mudita (happy for other's success), she thought that she should be the head of the nunnery and get rid of the Supernuns. So she went and see Super "Censored" ok we'll switch to the "Kingpin", okok, "Super KingPin" and "Super Bomberman". Together they planned an evil plan to take over the temple and poison the 2 Superheroes so that they lose their powers. And so they went and knocked out the 2 Supernuns and tied them together, and set a trap at the doorway of the nunnery.

The 2 Superheroes got wind of this and decided to go save the Supernuns.
SuperSpiderman (got out his handphone and called Praying Mantis Man):Hello, where are you?
Praying Mantis Man (using his hand making a hand phone sign) : right in front of you!
SuperSpiderman (a bit shocked) : Oh ok, I sense, using my psychic powers, that there are Supernuns being held hostage inside the nunnery.
Praying Mantis Man:Let's go save them then.

And so our heroes arrived at the front gate of the nunnery and then the two bad guys faced them. SuperBomberman threw a bomb containing a virus that disabled the SuperHeroes's powers. Our 2 Superheroes however was unaware of this and after recovering from their coughing, went on and challange the 2 Bad Guys to a fight.

And during the middle of the fight, the 2 Superheroes realised that they had lost their powers. They lost their confidance to fight and consequently lost to the 2 bad guys. And so, dragging the 2 superheroes to be tied with the 2 Supernuns.

After a while, Praying Mantis Man woke up and then nudged SuperSpiderman to wake up. SuperSpiderman: Ahhh, it is time for dinner? Why am I tied? Hey let me go, let me go.
Praying Mantis Man: Pull yourself together man, we lost our powers remember?
The struggle by SuperSpiderman woke up the SuperNuns.
SuperNun 1: Hey who are you two?
SuperSpiderman: Huh? You don't know us? We are SuperSpiderman and Praying Mantis Man.
SuperNun 2: Why did you want to become a Superhero in the first place?
Praying Mantis Man: For the fame of course.
SuperNun1: What are you two doing here?
Praying Mantis Man: We came here to save you but we lost our powers and now we are helpless.

SuperNuns (together): Laksa is not laksa, Curry is not curry, Power is not Power,.......(I can't remember the exact words)

SuperSpiderman and Praying Mantis Man:..........
Praying Mantis Man: Okok, so you're trying to tell us that the real hero is within us and not because of our superpowers?

SuperNuns: Yes!

SuperSpiderman and Praying Mantis Man: Ok, now we are confident, come on, we can take on those bad guys together even without our Superpowers.
Praying Mantis Man then cut off the ropes entangling them using a knife that he had hidden in plain view (the pen hanging at his shirt).

So they freed the SuperNuns and then gone and find the SuperKingPin and Super Bomberman.
As they stumbled upon them, SuperKingPin and Super Bomberman was arguing with the evil nun, playing the blame game.
SuperKingPin: Hey it's all your fault, you didn't tie them up properly.
SuperBomberman: Evil Nun:(sorry I also forgot the details.....)

SuperSpiderman and Praying Mantis Man got sick of their quarrel and dragged them to the SuperNuns. The SuperNuns then use their mental powers to quide the Bad Guys and the evil Nun to see the light, and they were "enlighten". And so the Danger is finally over.

But the story is not.......

4 months later,

SuperNun1 and 2 and the Evil turned to Good Nun, SuperSpiderman and Praying Mantis Man both which powers are restored by the antivirus SuperKingpin and SuperBomberman developed. And so the 7 of them were sitting in a table, about to begin their meal.
And then they recited the
Food Reflection:
Wisely reflecting,
We use this food
not for fun,
not for pleasure,
not for fattening,
not for beautification,
but only for the maintenance and
nourishment of this body,
for keeping it healthy,
for helping with the Spiritual Life;
Thinking thus,
I will allay hunger without overeating,
so that I may continue to live blamelessly and at ease.

And so they talked about old times and the new Fantastic Four: SuperSpiderman, SuperKingpin, Super Bomberman and the Praying Mantis Man.
Praying Mantis Man: Let's cheer for the Fantastic Four!
The four of them each put their hands forward and cheered.
Supernun1: Let's cheer for the nuns three!
Due to some mishearing..... All 7 of them cheered together!


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