Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today is yet another Wednesday!

I guess I better update myself of my recent activities in life before I forgot it all. This Wednesday afternoon was Infusion time! I saw really cool dancing and eat quite nice stuffs at the booths showcasing countries that international students came from to NUS to study full time. Incidentally, I've been to Chatter twice today, to decorate the stuffs for Buaya-Buayee, where the participants are supposed to stalk each other without the victim knowing who's stalking. So I won't say who I'm stalking here. However, from the amount of clues in the decorations I've put, it's entirely possible for the girl I'm stalking to deduce who I am.

Oh and I've just applied for CHIP, China Immersion Programme, from 11th-24th May 2010. We'll be visiting Shanghai and the World EXPO! There's more than 50 people applying already since the first email came 2 days ago.... I suspect. So it's extremely hot. Oh and they are choosing only 30 people. We pay $900, 1/3 of the whole cost which covers everything but souvenirs. Hmm.....And my supervisor, Valerieo's back! Wonder what to do later on..............for UROPS.

Oh and I've gone for Nam Wah Pai training for the weekend Saturday Afternoon and Sunday night! That's right! Sunday night! We are training for a competition in April! Cool huh?

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