Friday, April 16, 2010

A short thing about me, denouncing the IPhO


I'm got interested in Maths first, then as my education progresses on, science caught my attention, but it wasn't until after the spliting of science into 3 disciplines that I found out that it is Physics that I like about Science. Not surpisingly, it is also the one with the most maths in it.

And so after my secondary school education, high school provides me with many books, popular science books, books that tells me of the 30 years that shook physics, or the formation of Quantum Mechanics, the progress of Physics from Galelio to Einstein, the particle physics, and most importantly, the Unification of Physics, String theory, and others. All these pushes oneself to really love Physics. I kinda remember the days of learning Special Relativity on my own, through the net. It was a treasure trove that I desparately wish to share with others!

Then came the International Physics Olympiad, that had really sealed my fate with Physics, my University major could be nothing else. What's more I've went twice! Representing Malaysia. However, as I look back on it now, the IPhO students knows only how to solve the physics problems, they are not really well versed in deeply understanding Physics. As Physics Undergraduates, we should be proud, because we are greater than the Olympiad student, we understand Physics! Thank you.

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