Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Update

After the last post, it has been a long time since I talk about myself. Now this is all about me. Or what I did.

I went for a 8-precept day retreat in Wat Palelai one Weekend, which brings me to Ajahn Seng, then after the first time in my life meditating for 5 hours in one day, I and NTUBS people when to see Ajahn Seng to discuss on the next meditation retreat, one that we're to organise. So that's why we went to Wat Palelai again yesterday night to have an insightful and nice discussions about the details surrounding the retreat.

Then the next Saturday I had a Nam Wah Pai grading, which brings me to senior green belt now! And the following Sunday, I had another training, the very last one before the competition today! And today's competition I gave up during the second round, mostly to protect my brain. I do value my brain more than victory. Indeed. Anyway today's competition is very nice and fun and an enlightening, it tells me that if I ever am involved in a fight, running would be a better choice, for now.

So still sustaining some minor injury now, let me tell you about the time when I broke down. I went and played Civilisation 4 the weekend before I had 3 term test 2 and 2 lab reports to hand up. Well, it caused me to have 3 consecutive times of waking up one day, not sleeping that night, strive to not sleep during the day, then sleep for one night, then repeat.... Well comparatively, the previous time before that, I was reading Dune, and it fared better. Although there's also one time when I over eat (again) in my research group's nights out to celebrate birthdays, and I got sick the whole of next day, Dune did help me pass through it.

Before that sickness, I went to a doctor and got some medicine for my running nose, now that the medicine is finished, I think the condition is a bit better.

Ok enough. Signing off here.

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