Monday, March 29, 2010

Venerable Gyurme’s Course

After the meditation course on semester 2, the second half of the semester is filled by the Dharma Course by Venerable Tenzin Gyurme. He is a Singaporean who learned the Vajrayana tradition and now with the Amitabha Buddhist Centre. Having studied in NUS too, he is a very friendly and understanding teacher to us. During the four sessions that we learned the Dharma, we had learned that true practising Buddhist need not be just in the meditation. It is in the daily mind and thoughts!

Then using logic and reason, we explored the requirements for past and future lives! And from the simple observation of karma or how couse and effect works, we discussed the codependant origination and it is used as an argument agaisnt the existance of a Creator God. Lastly, the meaning of suffering, which is not to inspire pessimism, but to inspire energy and determination for practise is discussed and expounded. The step by step build up of the facts are presented from logical conclusion of empirical observations in our lives certainly helped us increase our faith!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who had helped out in the setting up of the room, joining in the discussions and Venerable Gyurme for his enlightening teachings.

By Ng Xin Zhao, Deputy Dharma Director of NUSBS

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