Monday, March 22, 2010


For two semesters on Wednesday nights, Bante Cittara from Mangala Vihara has come to NUS to teach Basic Meditation skills to the students and staffs of NUS. We learned mindfulness on the breath meditation, walking meditation, loving-kindness meditation, the 5 hindrances of meditation, and the supportive meditations. All these meditation is to help one relax, be mindful and develop concentration and insight. Meditating for 5-10 minutes before sleeping and after waking up everyday can eventually train oneself to observe anger when it is arising, thus able to stop it in time, be more stress free during the day and easily falling asleep at night. It’s no wonder that Bante Cittara always advices us to meditate everyday and to train up our mindfulness and concentration. Looking at all these benefits, it is no wonder that over 30 people sign up for the course every semester!

I would like to thank the loyal Dharma subcom and Management Committee for helping out during the course, NUSBS for providing the opportunity to organise the event, Bante Cittara and Philip who drives him here, and all the attendees. May this course be a stepping stone towards the enlightment of all beings!

By Ng Xin Zhao, Deputy Dharma Director of NUSBS

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