Monday, March 22, 2010

Medical Dharma Circle

Every Monday without fail (except for public holidays), the group of people that makes up Medical Dharma Circle comes together and shares the Dharma. Despite the name, this event is open to all students, regardless of faculty. Standing strong for over 30 years now, MDC is the one constant in NUSBS since the beginning. Therefore there are treasure houses of seniors who always come down for a few hours every week.

From 6:30 pm, meditation is on, then at 7pm, the puja will start and then the speaker for the week which includes Venerables, seniors, and even juniors will share the Dharma for about 1 hour. I’ve been invited to share for three times since I joined in last semester! After the share sharing, we are treated dinner by the seniors, in the spirit that we will come back and treat the juniors after we graduate. This ensures a strong continuity and fellowship building. I’m grateful to MDC and Kaikok for organising the sessions, and to the seniors for the delightful and fulfilling dinners. May MDC continue to be a shining light upon all who needs it.

By Ng Xin Zhao, Deputy Dharma Director of NUSBS

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