Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been reading Ender's series by Orson Scott Card lately, and in it I find a truth that mankind does find one of the highest happiness in mundane live is the holiness in the love between two person. He puts it in the sense of the purpose of living is to love and breed. Why would anyone want to become celibate?

I've been reading the Rave Master Manga too and there is surprisingly a lot of things that I learned over there.

One of the few things is that love is such a powerful force of motivation, it can keep one person to keep on fighting for 50 years. Even love for a person whom you believed to be dead.

Even the Buddha was searching for the truth out of love for all beings in the world. As the motivation goes on, love is the one that can get one to go the distance, and once the river is crossed, it is time to let all attachments go. Yet, compassion and loving-kindness remains, therefore the Buddha came to teach us what to develop in order to see the truth.

Now I know why had I allowed myself to fall in love. I needed more than just theoretical knowledge of all these. I needed the experience, the emotions, the motivations, the hurt, the pain, the understanding of these. I needed to know what I was planning to let go of. I needed to know why did I choose to live such hardships.

It was a risk to fall in love, but I wouldn't regret the outcome either way. Now I know why I'm not regretting this outcome.

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