Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2

The news had been out. The next Pokemon Games are Black and White 2. My friends were commenting that they must had ran out of colours to play with, so I was in for a shock when I discovered that it's true.

Well then, let's use some deduction ability and my hopes for the new games over here. The 2 implies that it's a sequel, so if it starts all over again, from the beginning as if it is just an improved version of Black and White, then it stinks. Pokemon Gray can do that, as there is a whole history of the 3 bundle games for each generations, but Black and White 2, should have the player to own a Black or White game first.

Then instead of the slow transfer of 6 Pokemon at a time to the new game, the save file and all Pokemon from the previous versions should be able to be transferred at a one time transfer, bringing forward every items and records from the previous Black/White games too. To avoid the need of having 2 DS for this, the Save file can be downloaded from the dreamworld itself. (Although this would mean a lot of traffic online and some possible errors and cheats from hackers)

Or the game card can be like an Action Replay game card, so one has to put the Black and White game into the Black and White 2 (bigger game card) slot and then put it together to play. Black and White 2 if designed like this should then allow the new players who doesn't have Black and White to buy them and play it out from the beginning, while for the old ones, we can just transfer everything over. In this case, there should be new maps to explore. And ranging from the most greedy to the most basic, they should include every single map of the Pokemon world, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Sevii Islands, and Orange Islands, or just at least just one more new area for gym or contest battles.

Well, if they make the Black and White 2 to have a game card that can read other game cards, the possibility to put in the other Generation 4 Pokemon games would be nice to add in! This way, we can venture into the old maps with new 5th Gen Pokemon! Or even complete the Pokemon Transfer to the 5th Generation by transferring all of the pokemon at once instead of 6 at a time. This time I don't mind having to replay the gyms for the previous generation games. So if this happens, all they needed to add in for Black and White 2 is the Hoenn and Sevii (possibly Orange?) regions to make the Pokemon world complete!

Now that would compel an old timer to buy the sequels, and encourage the new players to buy the old games. I would assume that White 2 is needed for those with Black and Black 2 is needed for those with White. Well, I think it can be made so that it doesn't matter that the sequel needs to follow or anti-follow the previous games.

Some of the game mechanics I hope to see reintroduced is the battle contest, pokeathlon, and of course, the lead pokemon following you around! Plus the ability to make Poffin, Apricon Juice, and others....

The Black and White Kyurem might mean that Kyurem can change forms and those forms are available only in White 2 and Black 2 respectively, not too different from Deoxys' form changing from FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby/Sapphire, and Platinum. However, this might be disappointing for most of us, as we would want to see them all. So maybe Kyurem would change form depending on the item held or perhaps with some strange interaction with Zekrom or Reshiram. And if it is items, then the item should be unique and found only in the respective games.

The most interesting part is that if Kyurem's different forms are a result of some machine that can combine 2 pokemons, then the different splicing work done over the years by many fans are able to be of use now. For we can combine any two pokemon and perhaps even choose the types available to 2 types! I don't know how evolution, move learning or separation would work then. But Smogon University would be really really busy classifying and analyzing every single combination! Most likely it wouldn't happen like this, too much work! Seriously 649 times 648= 420552. Insane work and insane amount of battle mechanics.

Well, at least we know we'll get to see the story of where Ghetsis had gone to, what does the underwater ruins sayings means, and the story about Kyurem's original form. Hopefully, they throw in the last 3 Legendaries of the Unova region. Or at least give it out via Wi-fi or Dream World as promotional pokemon!

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