Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Graduation To-Do List

One search on the net reveals no good general graduation to-do list. Well, I’ll do one for myself here, and then assume that it is general enough to be shared to everyone. The numeric ones are general, the finer points for me are listed.

  1. Find a place to live.
    • That is to pack and move my stuffs from my room and SPS back to home and the next place I'll live in Singapore. Do this before 28th April. 
    • Next determine the dates I'll be in Singapore or Malaysia during the next few months and decide where and when do I get a place to live in.
    • Ask around for the places to live.
  2. Find a job.
    • This is primary to finish the bond and loans. 
    • For 3 years, I'll be doing something I like, not dislike, my no.1 condition for a job.
    • Options: T.A. (do the application before I leave), R.A. (talk to people before I leave), Buddhist Jobs? (I'll still be quite active in it anyway)
  3. Play
    • Marvel: Avengers Alliance is my main game now,
    • Pokemon trading should be done within a few days,
    • Movie nights upcoming in SPS. 
    • Finish up Fringe, and continuing on Avengers, Earth Mightiest Heroes, One Piece, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.
    • Presenting the Brain Band: create an event on facebook!
    • Attending movie nights in Cinnamon!
    • Boardgames in SPS room.
    • Computer games.
  4. Tie up loose ends
    • Finish up some more work on my Honours Project, 
    • Write that report for the Summer Research,
    • Go through all the stars in my gmail,
    • Finish up SPS mentor payment form,
    • Check for the after graduation stuffs, for international students, Loan, Grant, Work Pass, etc...
  5. Religion
    • As usual, get to attend all that I can attend. 
      • NUSBS Meditation Retreat,
      • Tzu Chi 
      • MDC
      • Awaken Challenge
      • Weekend visits to temples with cousin and friends
      • Other Buddhist Societies events...
  6. Plan for graduation trip
    • My graduation trip will be back home, with NUSBS friends. Don't really appreciate the exotic places I've been to, and I really think that the trip is enriched more by company than by location. 

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