Sunday, April 08, 2012

Preface to My Final Year Project

Thomas Precession: A Fibre Bundle Approach

The understanding of fibre bundles is essential for any theoretical physicists who are serious in thinking about the Standard Model, String Theory and beyond. That is my main motivation in choosing this project. At the end of this project, after applying fibre bundles to describe Thomas Precession, I started to wonder if this can be the start of a simple way of teaching young budding Physicists about fibre bundles. It would be one of the first few steps before progressing into quantum eld theories of gauge invariance. And yet, before
taking on this project, I had no idea that there is such a thing as Thomas Precession. So maybe it would be simple, provided that undergraduates can read this thesis and understand it.

If you need to brush up on Differential Geometry, Lie Groups, Coset Manifolds and Fibre Bundles, by all means do skim through the appendix, as it will be heavily referenced in the main paper. I would like to take this page to acknowledge the unfailing, dedicated, patient care of Dr. Kuldip Singh towards making sure that I understand this relatively di fficult branch mathematics and seeing me through the project. I had learned in this one year what most undergraduates will not: the foundations for theoretical and mathematical Physics. In this project also, I learn to see the motivation for solving a problem from the mathematical point of view instead of always asking for a physical connection. As well as the way a mathematical Physicist work.

My gratefulness extends to the Special Programme in Science (SPS), for providing such a nice and comfortable environment, both physically and socially not only for the duration of the writing of this thesis, but also for the whole of my four years being an undergraduate. Not to forget is University Scholars Programme (USP) for providing the opportunity during my final year to stay in the same building as my supervisor, making it easy to ask for guidance.

A special mention to the NUS Physics Department for having such a wide and interesting range of topics for research, and to Prof. Valerio Scarani for arranging for the Physics Honours Projects of the academic year 2011/12. Also thanks to the whole National University of Singapore for providing my undergraduate education, in one more step towards the expansion of the human knowledge, starting from the expansion of one individual.

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Dorothy Dudley said...

Well, after hearing your story, I pretty sure it was hard to work with your project. Working with thesis project can really be hard, especially dealing certain kinds of subject that doesn’t usually been researched with. Anyway, I do hope everything went well with your project.