Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hoping but Afraid to hope

Today I just learned that I had to stop being jealous of other people, but that doesn't make me "un"smarter it only proves that I have more space to develop my intelligence. I gotta be like Goku who likes to meet tougher opponents to improve himself.

(Warning I am not in a good mood right now, so my sentence will be heavily mixed with my feelings and incoherent so let it be a challenge to you if you really want to understand me.)
Now I am better suited to describe what happen to me during the past week(23th to 27th). Ok I went to UKM
and does it fills with flies during the night. Not just any flies, those who like to stick around the artificial lights. Ok but UKM is good too, it has nanotech in masters and PhD.(every university has it too.)
Oh well to get to the point I got to play with AC circuits stuff, stuff you don't play with in school. Like the oscilloscope, function generator, digital multimeter, ahh...... but the resistors, inductors and capacitors you got in school. Oh ya I can say that this camp wasn't as mind challenging as the last one. Well having said that I pay the price of not doing well in the two mechanics questions. Mr. Wee did a good job in teaching us electromagnetic. Dr. Sithi as usual make mechanics a tough time to endure. Here's a sample question. Prove that when a tall and short person walks, the taller one will be faster but when they run, the speed is independent of their height.
Try it, hint this he said is Olympiad level and use dimensional analysis.
In relativity class I didn't went there. I went for the IQ test instead. Took me quite a while to finish it too. Just too bad that I knew I could have done better, I got a few wrong. First she told me to state what's missing in the pictures. That's easy enough so long as you keep your calm, I didn't at the last few pictures. Then.... wait I shouldn't be telling you this, if you know what to expect, you will get an unfair advantage in your IQ test and it doesn't really reflect on your true intelligence. Ok before that I took some EQ test too. I tried to be as honest as I can. But the most unsatisfying part is that they ask about "Tuhan". Ya, they don't know that not all religion believes in an omnipotent god. I don't, so I put totally disagree.

Well now you should now where did I do the EQ test. On Wednesday night, in Zu Ming and Kent Long's(the one who went to the Olympiad last year in Singapore) room, while watching Alien Resurrection. Ok I am sorry to have brothered them at so late an hour. Here I express my feelings of sourness.

Now to the people. People that I share rooms together. There were 4 Muslims, including Adel.
they were in one room. And now the rest of us, nine that is share 3 connected rooms. Connected by toilets. It so happens that 7 out of 9 of us are from Penang. So since they wanna sleep together in 2 rooms, I agreed to switch places with them and I got a Kedah roommate. Well my Kedah roommate wasn't too happy about the penang guys, so I guess I got somewhat influenced by him. (Oh ya all 15 of us are males.) Which I resist and I actually befriended them. Well I do agree they had an "air" of arrogance about them but maybe it's because they are considered the best in their school and they had a lot of friends together which makes making new friends unnecessary. So if anything harmonious is going to exist it was up to me. And I say I didn't did quite a perfect job with that. Only a good enough job so that I could have showered using hot water (you see their toilet near their room has hot water but mine hadn't) but my roommate didn't showered a hot shower during the whole the camp so I feel quite sorry about that. I guess typing it down doesn't clear the karma I have now.

Interlude: They said they were going to videotape us during the experiments during the last camp, but they didn't mentioned it at all this time. However I managed to looked up and discover that they had 4 hidden cameras in the lab. The cameras are white and hemispherical shaped on the ceiling. It seems that I was the only one who noticed the cameras since when I told the others about this they didn't know. The book store in UKM Pustanika wasn't quite good since it doesn't have SAT and TOEFL books unlike UM.

Sooooo now Let's go to more practical things. On Thursday I sat for the IQ test and shortly after that went for the practical test. 4 hours for 4 experiments. And I didn't finished one of them. they require 5 readings but I only got 2 and sent in 1. Too bad lah. And after the test we were free for the night. I went on to venture UKM. Well I went on to the one way lane to the law faculty and had to go through a forest by foot on the road. Well as expected I had to come back by the same lane..... I ran back. That night, I got a late dinner and slept relatively early.
However I woke up sometime around 7 and slept back! So I wasn't angry at anyone went my roommate was panicking about being late. I calm myself down and walked there, being late for 30 minutes for the 4hours theoretical test. I considered myself to do quite well in controlling my feelings so I didn't think it was being late that make me didn't know how to do all of the questions.

Ok now I am chatting with Siraj. And I better say I enjoyed the camp too before I change my mind about it. Ahh.. yes the title, I hope I can go to Iran, cause the chosen 5 will be notified by 10th of May and they will go to Iran, representing the country and meeting Stephen Hawkings!
But I am afraid to hope cause I don't think I can be in the top 5 looking at my performance.......

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