Friday, April 20, 2007

IPhO or IChO?

Sorry for not posting for so long. Well from the title you can guess that I selected for both IPhO and IChO! So now I got to choose between those two cause International Chemistry Olympiad Second Camp(UM again) is on the 22nd of April to 25th of April while The International Physics Olympiad Third Camp(UKM new place!) is on the 23rd to 27th. Before I tell you which did I choose, you can read about what happened in the past few weeks and think about which would I choose.

After coming back from the last camp, I did went to MMU and lost badly in the Chinese Chess Competition which shows that I have a lot to learn some more. And nanotech is offered by MMU Cyberjaya. Well the Monthly test was worse than the first one. I got the 10th position in class by the grades but 5th by percentage. No matter now I gotta prepare for the Mid year test.

Now on the 7th of April, a Saturday morning, I when for an archery competition and lost badly(again) well on the night I went to a Buddhist charity concert of GBS and had a good time there I sold my 5 tickets(out of 10) to the audience there. Oh speaking of tickets there is a Fusion Fest tomorrow at Ping Ming School Hall, I will be one of the Rovers who are in charge in the hall. So Anyone who hadn't buy their tickets please do so from High School Upper 6.

On the 14th, (another weekend) I went to Royal Selangor Golf Club (near KLCC) for a MIT conference where the ex-MIT malaysians come to advice us on how to enter this prestigious University. My cousins were there too. William and Jia Long both are quite close and I am glad. It seems that being in the same class has that effect.

Another week had past and on tuesday, I got a message that I can go to IPhO. I went to the school library and returned Lady Luck(which I hadn't finished yet) to borrow up to two physics books. And on the next day I borrowed two more physics books from the library to read before the camp. Haha and now am I busy with reading. Just earlier today I got the news of IChO and now my fellow loyal readers I leave it to you to guess which one am I going to opt for. Leave it as a comment please and thank you.