Sunday, April 22, 2007

How do you blog?

How exactly do you post in your blog? I post when I have the mood to write something cause I wanna make each post readable and meaningful. I also post whatever I feel into the post, so I only wanna post when my mood is good, no point remembering the unpleasant times in my life.

Mistakes are unpleasant to make and it is the hard way to learn. I had made some mistakes in my life so I would like to book it down in the form of what I learned from it.
  • I learned that one should respect other peoples' privacy especially in one's blog where everyone can see it.
Perhaps this is a reminder of the words with great power comes great responsibility. With the internet around, we actually had great powers. Before the internet, the only way to tell everyone anything about you is through TV,radio,newspaper(which you can't get in unless you're important or famous), or by mail or phone(but this is only limited to some friends not all) or by books you published(but not everyone can write a good enough book to get published plus it takes money).
Blogging is the way people expresses their feelings to everyone and anyone in particular. Blogging can be long or it can be short and it is the advantage of it.
And about the responsibility part, be sure not to defame anyone in your blog if you really wanna vent out your anger, you may describe the incident you are angry with but don't mention their real name to protect their privacy.
Ok now I got no more mood to write and I'll just stop here.

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