Thursday, September 04, 2008

List Of Things to do!

Ok, just last night I had finished my draft for paper 1 in Writing and Critical Thinking. Today, I have lots more of homework to finish.
  • Physics lab 1142 report.
  • Physics tutorial revision
  • PC1141 tutorial
  • PC1141 lab preparation
  • MA1505 tutorial
  • MA1505 revision
  • SPS bio trip
  • SPS paper presentation
  • SPS Project
  • UIT Project
  • UIT topic 3 reading
  • USP paper1 final
  • USP readings
Then Adding CCA:
  • Physics Riddles making
  • Physics Announcement
  • MSL typing the chart flow
In addition, I have to do the Study Loan, Find back my student pass.....
P/S oh I found my student pass. Phew!

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