Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of 3rd week in NUS

The 3rd week of studying in NUS has just ended. Tomorrow I'm going back to Malacca. Maybe I'll collect my STPM cert too. It's is nice staying here. I've been managing 6 modules worth of 24 MCs (Modular Credits) this semester. So far, so good. with 3 day of the week empty, I'm free to do my homeworks on those days.

So far, the lest workload is MA1505, the maths with 3 hours of lecture per week(from now on, when I say n number of hours, I mean hours per week) and 1 hour of tutorial. It's only graded by the exams. While the most workload is the UWC2101P, Writing and Critical Thinking with 4 hours of Seminars(14 students interacting with the Prof). Singapore is in the lead of the world in this aspect. So we're writing papers. 3 papers in 1 sem. Papers in fields that no one has done before. And it's all graded. And I'm supposed to upload my draft by tomorrow noon. Coming up next to be troublesome is Physics, PC1141, and PC1142. With 4 hours of lectures each and 3 hours of lab and 1 hour of tutorial arternately, it's becoming a burden having to complete the lab report..... in excel! Just today I have summitted the report for lab 0.

So coming to the next USP (University Scolars Programme) seminar, we have Foundations in Engineering,UIT2204. With an bridge building project and essay in mind, we'll start MATLAB, a computer programme, next week. It's relatively relaxing with 4 hours of seminar. But the most relaxing module has to be SP2170, the SPS (Special Programme in Science) module. It has 2 hours of seminar and 2 hours of IS (Interactive Session). We're supposed to listen to various different fields of Science from different lecturers and then.... our homework has nothing to do with them! We're going to have fun designing and doing our own experiments on any aspect of Science. So if there's anything we want to do since childhood but lacked the oppotunity, here's our chance, with a $100 budget.

So enough about the academic stuffs, the CCAs, I believe is one of the best things in Universities. I'm the Assistant Publication in The Physics Society, Programme Head of a Sports Day Event in MSL, and joining Buddhist Society, wanna join cultural, martial arts, and Maths Society too. But it still does depend on how busy I am and how am I going to manage it.

See ya all in Malacca!


kai xin said...


nice to see that you r doing well in singapore!!

hope to see you in person some day in the future...


sam an tha said...

hello!! as I'm typing this, i'm sitting in semabuk inn together with ur dad and my bro. LOL

anyway, as promised, here's my blog URL:

Don't link me, k!! I'm going incognito. Haha.

I hope you have the best time of your life in Singapore!!!