Saturday, August 09, 2008

All set for NUS

This is the first post for NUS. So as you all know, I'm here(NUS) before on 15th and 17th of july and came back on the 31st July straight after flying back from Vietnam. My family brought the rest of my stuff 2 days later. And I borrowed lots of books from the library.

For those who don't know, NUS is National University of Singapore. Here in Singapore they sure use lots of shortcuts, Ez-link is like touch n' go, DBS bank card is effectively an credit card and ATM card, and cash card is the way to pay for photostat and printing until I got my own printer that is.

So I came here and with the generous help from msl(Malaysia Student League), I checked in, matriculated, applied for student pass, and bidded for my modules in CORS. And maked a lot more friends in msl.

So these few days was actively nice for me, lots of things happened, despite we should be free in the Week 0. Next week is week 1, the real start of the sem. And I'll be quite busy in NUS. I'm taking double major physics, second majoring in Mathematics, USP, and SPS. I'm wondering if I should take SEP after all this cramming. I'll be averaging 7 modules per sem I think? Oh well, that's exploiting NUS to the fullest, since they'll ask me to repay so many loans and bond me for 3 years.... lol nonsense. I'm doing this because I want to. Because I can do it. Because I'm challenging myself.

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芸芸 said...

7 modules per sem!!!??
oh my god
I even consider dropping my gem for sps.
But you are right, since you are here, just do anything you want.
All the best o.